Places you would never take a Louis Vuitton bag

  1. I love my louis vuitton bags, but there are certain places i feel just a bit uncomfortable carring them, like certain stores lol. anyone else?
  2. ummmm, I'd probably take one everywhere....
  3. Places where I will meet people who will think "ow look, she's such a snob, showing of an lv bag!". hope this makes sense...
  4. Poolside. I was at the Vegas Bellagio poolside where drinks and everything can spill and someone had their monogrammed bag just patinaing in the sun. :nuts:
  5. Onto the beach or to a pool, I guess. Otherwise, wth, it's just a purse and I don't care if people judge me for carrying LV.
  6. gym
  7. Which stores are they?
    I try to carry nothing that screams the label when I'm with one my friends, she's a SAHM and her husband practically buys her stuff, she can't shop alone, she knows the designers but she can't splurge. He is definitly a damper on her style. She is also a super sensitive. So I try not to add salt to the injury.
  8. Definitely not to a tour of a sewage processing plant, or to a water park.

    But seriously, I would be pretty uncomfortable carrying something Mono while walking alone in an uncrowded area - especially in a place where there are likely to be chavs.
  9. beach pool gym art studio and theme park
  10. Nah, I take it everywhere. Sometimes I feel a little out of sorts with certain people or stores but then I remember both DH and I came from NOTHING and we have worked damn hard for everything we have!!
  11. i wouldn't take it to any place i'd possibly get mugged =p
  12. Umm maybe when I pick up my imported items from custom office? LOL :p
  13. You must not leave your house with your bags then.
  14. yeah they might wonder whats is inside those packages.
  15. second that.