Places to stay in Stockholm and Copenhagen?

  1. DH and I are planning a trip to Scandinavia this summer. After pulling my hair trying to work with unresponsive travel agents, I've decided to book the trip on my own and thought I'd ask all of YOU for suggestions on where to stay in Stockholm and Copenhagen - can you recommend any specific hotels, or neighborhoods?

    We'd rather spend our $ seeing/doing/experiencing things and typically the hotel is just a place to put our things and sleep, so we don't need anything luxe.

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi there. Well I will begin with there are so many knowledgeable people on this board.. far more than me.. but I will give you what I have - for Copenhagen anyhow - I have not yet been to Stockholm. BTW I am assuming you are from the States?

    I was in Copenhagen for about four days last year (wintertime - you are super lucky to be going in the summer!). It is not a large town at all and easily walkable if you plan to stay around the city center (looks HUGE on the it is not). I stayed in a Scandic hotel in the Vesterbro (sp?) section (no more than a 5 minute walk to the centrally located train station/Stroget/Tivoli. It was very reasonably priced - folks were great and it was comfortable. The rooms are *small* as typical in Europe.

    I would say reserve a hotel close to Tivoli or Stroget (two main attractions). As well there is a quaint street called Nyhavn (I'm sure you've seen pictures). Annanas had pointed me to a hotel called 71 Nyhavn - stupid me didn't stay there but it was super cute and I believe very reasonably priced (at least for winter! :smile:) Regardless - the street is adorable and tons of restaurants and shops.

    You will probably NOT want to rent a car. Not only is it stupid expensive the public transportation is pretty good if you need it.

    How long will you be in Copenhagen? I took a side trip to Malmoe, Sweden (across the Oresund Sound). There is actually a pretty incredible expansion bridge so theoretically one could drive over.. if you want to pay the outrageous tolls that is.. (I took a train). Malmoe is a beautiful little town and definitely worth the trip.

    Food recommendation: HOT DOGS!!! Vendors are everywhere and the hot dogs are excellent (I like 'em anyhow..). I think because they use real beef and the bread is good.. I would fly back in an instant to have one of those dogs.

    Travel tip: There are trains that go from the airport to the city center (I think both Copenhagen and Stockholm - someone correct me on this..). It is a cheap and quick way to get to the city.

    Another travel tip: Google Maps has railway stations and metro stops shown. Before you leave it is super easy to get directions and print them out - to get from the rail station to your hotel on the Metro (or walking). I did this for my brussels/france/germany trip... made life so much easier. Of course you can always catch a cab from the central station.... more economical to do it from there rather than the airport anyhow.

    Lastly - to all you Copenhagen residents - apologies if I've butchered any names/places/etc. Annanas - please chime in!

    Have a great trip!
  3. Christine thank you so much for this information, it's exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping for - so helpful!

    If anyone else has suggestions, please do chime in - I'd really appreciate it.
  4. When I was in Denmark we took a day trip to Lego Land in Billund. It was AMAZING!!! I've loved legos since I was little and it was like a kid all over again. Denmark is probably on of my fave places in the world. My greatgrandfather escaped denmark before the nazi occupation. He fled to Sweden and later met my GG in finland. So denmark will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Here a vid yahoo! did on how amazing denmark is.
  5. I stayed at Fox when I was in Copenhagen this summer, and it's kinda cool, but it looks like it needs a bit renovation here and there - still a great hotel though!
    Otherwise, Angleterre (sp?) seems like a great hotel and it has a perfect location.
  6. the admiral is nice (on toldbodgade, near amalienborg and nyhavn), skt petri is decent too but a bit overrated. i'd like to stay at the fox some time, i probably will the next time i go back to copenhagen.

    christine is right in that you can take a train from the airport into the city centre both in stockholm in copenhagen, it's fairly expensive in stockholm but very cheap in cph (27DKK a year ago) because there it's not a special train, just normal trains that go through the airport. i'm not sure if they've finished the metro extension out to the airport yet, if they have then that might be more convenient depending on where you're staying. the same tickets are valid on both trains and metro. taxis are quite expensive so i'd take the train/metro/bus whenever possible.

    here's my post on your old thread, not sure if you ever saw it?
  7. I LOVE STOCKHOLM!!! have been 4 times... it's so safe! everyone's so nice!
    you must visit Gamla stan, it's the old part of stockholm!! it's a must see!
    hotelwise, I used to work for H&M so they paid for my hotel and it was NOT cheap so can't help you... sorry!!
    enjoy your stay in Stockholm!!!
  8. Thanks, annanas, for your response to both my threads - the shopping info was so detailed, I don't think I'll get to as many places as I'd like! As you can see I've been trying to plan this trip for a while (since December! :shrugs:), we started off with a travel agent but now, with recommendations like these and some online research, I think I'll be good to go....thank you again!
  9. You should really go to the museum Louisiana outside of Copenhagen, it's amazing! Also Ordupgaarden in Copenhagen and Statens Museum for Kunst. And Glyptoteket. Great museums!
  10. How is the planing going, have you found a hotel in Stockholm get?
  11. My family is from Sweden, even though I live in the US now I must say you'll LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    Here's where i stayed in Copenhagen and my review of it... It was very convienent:

    I'm "SoxFan777" on there, too!

    You HAVE to go to the VASA museum in Stockholm. It's an amazing Viking wonder. i was just telling someone else about it last night!

    Also, Helsingor is a lot of fun and they're famous for a special kind of ice cream they have. Helsingor is a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen.

    If you're into "modern art" the best modern art museum I've EVER been to is Louisiana, a close train ride from Copenhagen. No need to rent a car, their public transit is amazing. I took the ferry and the high speed train from copenhagen to stockholm when i was there... very convienent. the train goes right on the ferry OR over the bridge depending on the route!

    If you have other questions about copenhagen or stockholm just PM me!
  12. i am going in the end of may to copenhagen and stockholm too!

    i am going with my dad and he is letting me pick the hotels.

    i would love to stay in a funky or arty and young area. got any suggestions?

    p.s. what is the weather like then?
  13. balmiu The Weather should be nice about that time, but really you never know. Hopefully around 20-25°C

    Regarding hotels in Stockholm you should probably look at hotels in the area of Södermalm. Unfortunately there isn't so many "funky" ones. But for best location try Hotel Malmen

    You also have Hotel Rival thats in another area of Södermalm. A bit calmer but many of the rooms have balconies.
  14. Shoot...I stayed in Stockholm 2 years ago in a little quaint was on the main shopping street...and relatively cheap (about $100-125 USD per night). I wish I could remember the name....

    Stockholm was pretty.....I had come direct from London and couldn't help comparing the city to London and loved London more. But it was very pretty and the food was awesome!!!! MMMM lingonberries!!!!
  15. wow, thanks! i will check it out!!