Places to shop other than ebay?

  1. Are there any better auction sites than eBay?
  2. If there are, I haven't found any. I just read about i-offer today on TPF, and after checking it out for myself, it's clear that that place is SWIMMING with fakes! I think it'll be a long time before eBay's legitimately challenged by another online auction site. They're too monolithic now to be stopped! lol!
  3. I cannot agree more! Maybe we could ask Google to set up one? :wondering
  4. There are yahoo auctions but really are a joke and pale in comparison to eBay. I wish ebay would get some true competiton.

    ETA - I just saw that yahoo aucitons is shutting down its US operation.
  5. No, eBay has 85% of the online auction market. AVOID completely IOFFER, Yahoo auctions and Overstock auctions. 99.9% of all the stuff there is fake. Overstock is so bad that they actually suspended my account for reporting too many fakes!!
  6. Ebay is all I've found too and I've looked.
  7. for authentic designer bag my poupette has started an auction site
    Its the only place youc an be truly sure of authentic and I think specilist sites are the future
  8. ITA