Places to Purchase Kooba Handbags

  1. Ok, so you all have me looking at Kooba now. Can you all recommend me a few places online to buy Kooba that has a great selection. I've been checking out Kooba Handbags - Official Website and Bergdorf Goodman, but are there some others that might be of interest to me?

    One more question, does Kooba come in light pink or was that a fake I ran across on eBay?

    I knew you all would get me addicted to another bag :p
  2. I do apologize for duplicating the thread. Please ask the moderator to delete my post. Thank you for the websites. I will bookmark each of them.
  3. No problem at all! Welcome to the Kooba fan club :smile:

    I actually emailed Kooba, who confirmed that pinkmascara is an authorized dealer.

    Also try Active Endeavors ( maybe?)
  5. there's a place called
    you can call them and order koobas...they have amazing prices...i get all my koobas there
  6. Just purchased a Kooba Mackenzie from a shop called Kate in Santa Barbara. There is also an online site for the shop called

    Kooba bags are discounted for online purchase only.
    Does anyone know about this shop?