Places to Get Balenciaga Day bag online?

  1. Hello! I was just wondering if you girls knew any places to buy the Balenciaga Day bag in Anthracite (or black, second choice) with the gold hardware online? I was referred by some kind PF members to Aloha Bag, but do you know of any other places, preferably in the continental US (cheaper shipping!). If you have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. Would love suggestions or where to find this color bag even if it doesn't have gold hardware. I've been wanting this bag for a while--I saw it at Barneys about 6 months ago---but I couldn't get it at the time and now they aren't getting that bag in any more and Balenciaga doesn't carry it either because they change their leather colors and styles. Not so happy right now!! Desperate to find it--thanks!!!:s
  2. I always though Aloha Rag offers free shipping... no? Plus you get that 3% off when you sign up for their membership, right?
  3. If the purchase is US$500 or more I believe..
  4. the purchase of a day would be over $500
  5. What membership is this? I would like 3% off! :smile:
  6. AR seriously offers free shipping? What about taxes?
  7. It's no tax if you're outside of HI, free shipping over $500, and 3% off! How much better does it get?! :tup: Plus they ship really fast too.

    You can sign up for their membership online---register first, and then sign up on your account. You'll then have to email them for a Balenciaga order form, since they don't do bbag orders online or over the phone. They'll give you instructions on how to order when you email them.