Places to buy wool or cashmere tights locally

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  1. Normally I stay inside during the winter, but on Friday night I'm going out to the bars with some friends. I got a really cute pair of CL booties that I want to wear with a dress, so I'm trying to find some warm tights that don't have to be ordered online (since they wouldn't arrive in time). Do you know of any mall/department stores that carry them? Difficulty: I live in Lexington, KY, so Macy's is about the most upscale store we have here. TIA!
  2. Lol, guessing Nordstrom is out of the picture :/. Have you tried macys??
  3. Yup, Nordies is over an hour away. I actually work at Macy's, and our hosiery dept is pretty sparse. I was thinking of somewhere like Banana Republic/Eddie Bauer - do you think they sell wool tights?
  4. For a cheap pair that function fine, you can go to Target.