places that still carry tokidoki?

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  1. i'm currently on a search for a disneyland bag, preferably a stellina. i used to shop for tokidoki at macy's but they pulled them off the shelves awhile ago. i was hoping they would discount them further and kept waiting...i knew i should've gotten more while they had them!!!

    do you think these will appear in discount stores like nordstrom rack anytime soon? my trip is in 9 days so i would like to purchase one in-store rather than online, if possible. TIA!
  2. The Tokidoki for LSS line has been discontinued, so you will not see new stock anywhere. Most have been cleaned out, unfortunately. Your best bet is online, which I know is not what you wanted to hear. :sad:

  3. Discontinued? Will Tokidoki ever be sold in stores again? :confused1:
  4. Yes, the new line coming out in August, instead of Tokidoki for Lesportsac, it will be just Tokidoki. So it should be in the same place it was before in Macys, Nordstrom, ect. but they will be wayyy more expensive!!
    Read & learn, dearie:
  5. i think i just answered my own question today. i was at my local macy's and saw a famiglia gioco, notte ciao ciao, and a notte dolce for 55% off. too bad they weren't what i was looking for. i would've gone for a stellina or bambinone in almost any print!
  6. *gasp!* really?!!? OMG, my macy' were all cleared out of them! so lucky!
  7. yeah, i found a notte gioco today at macy's. was surprised to see it since they didn't have anything last time.
  8. really macys? ive never seen tokidoki @ macys. i ALWAYS see a couple at the clothing store, Metropark~
  9. Donald, which mall has it? UTC, Fashion Valley, or Horton Mall? Ekk.. I hope it's still there
  10. LeSportsac Hawaii stores still carry tokidoki. Currently they have notte & inferno & a few paradiso styles. Don't know if they still have the stellina style though. They do phone orders but I think you have to send a money order and the Hawaii prices are $30-$40 higher than continental U.S. Still, at least they carry them.:smile:
  11. this was at mission valley. they always seem to have some tokidokis lying around from returns because i see different ones everytime. on my most recent visit there was a notte ciao ciao and 2 notte dolce. utc & fashion valley didn't have any, and horton had a notte bambinone that i bought for half off:smile: nordstrom rack at mission valley had tokidoki for a day but it sold out rather quick.
  12. i would love to have an inferno but right now i can't pay retail, and certainly not the hawaii prices. i've been lurking around ebay but i haven't found any with placement that i like. the good ones have a crazy buy it now price!
  13. I still see them at the macys in montebello (ca). I guess i always see the same one's cuz they're always there. I don't know to much about them but i think they are real cute! I had wanted the one that had like a pirate looking theme on it...? The way i hear them talked about though i don't think i'm going to find one.
  14. Does Macy's have outlet stores, if so where are they? I don't see this info on their website.