Places that sell Botkier in Melbourne, Australia?

  1. I'm going to Melbourne soon, if I can pick up a Botkier bag there i'd rather do that than buy off the internet.

    I have NO CLUE though... so for all I know this is a really stupid question. But considering Brisbane here has a place that sells Botkier, I thought maybe Melbourne would have a bigger chance?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. I emailed the botkier people a few months ago and remember askign the question of where they sell Botkiers in Australia and I remember them saying that Brisbane is the only place that sells Botkiers.

    However some of the online websites (revolveclothing, Shopbop) will stock botkiers I think and these are usually better deals then the price they sell it for in Australia.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I would not pay twice the price in Oz for a bag. Plus, if you can get a coupon code for a website you can save a lot. The website called has some reduced botkier bags and also delivers to Oz but they charge around $75 for delivery. But there are plenty of other websites that sell botkier - a google search would show more.
  4. Thanks everyone... i'm surprised Brisbane is a first in Australia! Yeah, everything in Australia is at least a quarter more expensive, but I like the peace of mind of being able to see the bag, if you know what I mean? Plus a big problem for me is, usually i'm not home so when the item gets sent to a depot for a courier instead of the post office, I can't really get to it because I don't have a car.

    I have to say though... the Jean Sasha Duffle on Shopbop might make me give in :shame:.
  5. though it's not melbourne, perth sells botkier too in a boutique, mine is from there... very suprising that perth and brisbane are the two stores that have them haha!!

  6. Oh I knew that... how good is Cultstatus' customer service? They actually called me during a lecture at uni and the lady was soo apologetic it was sweet :shame:.

    Even though I live in Brissy i've never thought to go visit Jean Brown... avoiding temptations I guess, i'm doing incredibly well.

    I cancelled my Melbourne trip anyway... I was going to go see the Australian Open but my boyfriend couldn't come, and it just wouldn't be the same without him.