Places that LV should put in stores.

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  1. I will start by saying, Northern Michigan! We are starving up here for LV :smile: open one up!!
  2. Adelaide, there has been talk over the years but were still waiting, and Melbourne is the closest.
  3. Kansas City, Missouri. We could use a surge of fashion here.
  4. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze, Wisconsin! Or at least a Nordstroms! The 2 1/2 hours drives each way are getting annoying! I could totally see one in Madison or Milwaukee......
  5. I'm geography challenged. When you say Northern Michigan, you mean around Detroit/Grosse Pointe?

    Is there nothing in that direction?

    I have to go to Detroit again in December and I'mma gonna need some retail therapy.
  6. There is one near Detroit in Troy, I believe. Detroit is on the East side of the Michigan Mitten
  7. The Hague, Netherlands & Maastricht, Netherlands
  8. No there is one in Detroit. I'm in Onaway. The top of northern lower Michigan lol right before the mackinaw bridge there are 2 actually in Detroit, which are my closest LV's to me (5 and a half hours drive) in The Somerset Mall in troy, mi. In Saks and one store by it self.
  9. We're thinking of moving to the Kalamazoo area. Although not too far from Detroit, not like you! A 5.5 hour drive, wow! Right now I'm 2 hours from my nearest boutique in Atlanta, and I thought that was far! I wish every major city had one!
  10.'s going to be a big weather change for you!
  11. Yes Michigan will be different but it is a beautiful state
  12. Thanks y'all. I'm going to check out Troy.

    As for moving to Kalamazoo, I'm 2 hours north of Detroit. Brrrrrrr is right.

    ~ missing mild, if slightly wet, Vancouver ~
  13. I have friends who live on Black Lake in Onaway. Beautiful area! Traverse City seems to be a likely area for a new Loius Vuitton boutique.
  14. Yes!!!!! Perfect place!
  15. My backyard! :biggrin: