Placed a small SO, now what?

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  1. My last day of school vacation and I had nothing to do, so I took a little trip into Boston and found myself at the door of my favorite store (I blame it on the unbearable cold). I have a leftover credit from a previous return, so I figured now was as good a time as any to spend it.

    I started out looking at agendas; the Globetrotter Zip was beautiful, but I have an iPhone and a Ulysse already, so it felt a little unnecessary. I just purchased a brand new LV wallet, but I took a look at some of the H ones for good measure. After looking through a few, I decided against them, as I'm weary of purchasing leather and canvas wallets, due to the bad luck I've had with them (sitting on them all day tends to cause cracking, etc).

    I really couldn't find anything except for a Euclide card case. It seemed like a functional item, small enough to fit a drivers license, credit card, and a few dollars in (for times when a full wallet isn't necessary). Today didn't really seem like my day, as the only color I was interested in (orange) was the only color they didn't have.


    Just as I was about to leave, I remembered the belts. I already had a buckle, so I could just pick up another strap, and save myself some cash. I thumbed through the colors, but didn't see anything I was interested in. I have a brown / orange combo right now, so I wanted something with black on one side, and a nice vibrant color on the other. I was limited to pretty much the jean blue (doesn't really go well with my jeans, despite its name) and a rather deep red. My SA, whom I adore more then anyone, must have noticed I was rather disgruntled by my lack of success, so she offered to place a special order for a belt if I wanted.

    I wound up placing two orders, one for a black (dull, not shiny) / green (Vert Anis I think she called it in Togo), and another one of that deep red / jean blue (same Togo leather on both sides). I also went ahead and had them order in from another store one of the card cases in the orange.

    I'm just wondering what happens now. She said it could take up to 8 months for the order to be completed (!!!!!!) and that there would be a chance the order wouldn't be accepted. Is it common to get an SO for a belt (are they as hard to come by as bag SO's)? How often is an SO denied, given it's just a simply color variation? Does it really take that long, and how long before I know if the order is going through or not?

    Also, if anyone can think of something more useful then the Euclide card case, I'd be open to suggestions. I feel like although I'd get some decent use out of it, there may be a better style or form out there that I just haven't seen yet. Sorry for my long rambling, I enjoy typing.
  2. Oh, how lucky! I would love to be able to SO a belt. I need a red/brown combo and am not sure if it exists. Please let us know what transpires regarding your SO.

    I don't know anything about the Euclide card case but both my husband and I have the Calvi Card case and we like it.
  3. You know, you might do a search on special orders and see how many bazillion threads we have on this frustrating topic (believe me, I feel your frustration). But it's well explained by others more eloquent than myself.

    Bottom line, all you have is hope. As long as you are not told your request was rejected, you have hope it will come to pass. All of us with special orders float in the same Hope Boat with you. There is also a rumor about a new special order inventory/delivery tracking system, which would be a dream come true for devotees here. Happy digging and good luck to you! Your belts sound fantastic!
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    You can SO belt straps, and they only cost around $40.00 US more.
    They can tale a LONG time to arrive, but long is a rather subjective term. It is Hermes,is it not? lol

    They will make it but, if they can't "do" say Rose Dragee on one side they will contact the store and tell them which color,say Rose Shocking they can do.
    You will have a chance to decline if it is not a color you care for. You can also choose one of the colors they WILL do at present time or wait until they can "do" the Rose Dragee.
    It all comes down to patience.
  5. The wait begins, congrats on getting an order in on the exact combo you want!!!
  6. The SA informed me that it would be the same exact price as a regular strap, but $40 less or more isn't really a deal breaker I suppose. She seemed rather confident about the order going through, but said the last one she had done, took 10 months. I did a search as suggested and found a few people reporting that it took no more then 3 or so months to get one in, so we'll see. Thanks for the comments everyone.
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    10 months is about right.
    I love the Boston store. One of the SAs whose name starts with a "D" is my personal favorite.
    I think the $40.00 might have been the leather choice then? Still waiting; I will give the exact price when it arrives. It has been almost 10 months already!
  8. I am in the exact same position now regarding the belts.

    Have been told that my SO has to go to Podium and could possibly be rejected due to some (i think new-ish) rule about special colours on small items such as belts having to be produced in a minimum of 5 units.

    All we can do is wait for the store managers to come back from Podium at the end of this month with the answer! :shrugs:
  9. I desperately wanted a navy strap and that was impossible to find IRL, so I had to order it. Luckily, unless I was wearing Navy, I completely forgot about it, because it took almost a year. But now that we have been together for several years, I am so glad I did an SO.

    I have since SO'd straps for my watch and other belt colors. Just put it out of your mind for now and I am sure you will be thrilled once they arrive.