Place SO through family friend or wait to be offered 1 by SA?

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  1. Let's say you did not already have a developed relationship with an SA but you knew someone who has a very strong relationship with H along with an alarming number of her own SOs...

    Would you just let the person you know order one for you and pay that person when the bag came in or would you wait to develop your own relationship with an SA?

    I'm just wondering, what are the pros and cons of going either way?
  2. i will use family friend's connection. cos u wont know how long and how much you need to spend before your own SA places SO for you.
  3. Are there any downsides to this option?

    What if you order a birkin that needs to take a trip to the spa? Is it fine to just send it off without having your name linked to it in the system?
  4. No, you dont need to have your name linked to the bag in order to have it SPAed. Bags are not earmarked.
  5. Interesting, thank you footlocker. I thought I was missing something critical thinking that an SO through a friend might be a no-brainer.
  6. ...any cons??
  7. I'm so happy you posted this question LittleMsPerfect! I'm actually in the same predicament... :ghi5:
  8. SR22, I wanted to wait to have my own established history with an SA but I have to travel to get to the H stores near me which are not as promising as the one near someone I know...

    I just figure that there may be a catch to this (aside from my friend falling in love with the bag and keeping it once it comes in)...
  9. I think the great thing is that you might get it sooner. I don't see any problems as far as I can tell. However I can't tell any cons as I don't really consider the dilemma in my future. :P

    I travel to get my H too, so don't worry. I think as you have established a history with a particular store and they remember your apperance as nice and commited. Ps. Don't you travel to Paris often?
  10. I agree with footlocker. If you can use the friend's connection then it would be the best option. Also, it would also help established your relationship with the SA or at the least with the store. I don't see any cons.

    I didn't have a buying history with Hermes prior but I have often accompanied a friend who frequent the store quite often. I think it helps lend more credibility to my endless inquiries about leather swatches and colours. It's a nice feeling to have the SAs greet you by name.
  11. I completely understand!! Hopefully your friend is willing to help out, and if she loves your taste, well, then order TWO! :party:
  12. Nurse, you're right about Paris but I don't think I'll be able to visit Paris until the summer again and I doubt I'll be able to go for more than 1 week so idk if I want to wait to see if an SA there will just let me place an SO.

    SR22, has your friend offered to help you out? Mine has no clue.... yet, lol. It's just an idea my bf put in my head to get it sooner. And I told him it isn't the same bc I want to be "in the system" but I started thinking that maybe he is right and there is no advantage of having purchased a bag yourself as long as you know it is real.

    Question #2: When you place an SO do you pay the price of the birkin as of that date or do you pay the additional increases that happen between the order and the bag's arrival when you pay?
  13. You pay for the bag when you pick it up. You are not obligated to buy it when it is ready for pick up or to put down a deposit right now. Based on the frequency of price increased, the sooner you placed that SO, the better. GL
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    Hey Mimster, I know that you don't pay until it is ready. So are you saying that when you place the order you still lock in the current price or do you have to pay the price current at date of sale?

    Possible con: Let's say I lose my lock and want to go in to buy a new one. Since the bag wouldn't be listed under my purchases would I have to come with the bag in hand?
  15. You are so luck LittleMsPerfect, if your friend could place it for you...the H shop I go to won't accept any SO even I have built a relationship with my SA (won't allow by H Paris)...since they are brand new location...I wish I know someone that could place an order for me!!!