Pizza - How often do you eat it?

  1. I’m out of control. I find myself eating pizza 3-4 nights a week. There is such a huge difference between the mom & pop pizza joints, frozen pizza and say Godfathers, that it’s really not eating the same thing. Some nights I have a hankering for the thin greasy type of pizza, other nights I crave a big old taco pizza. I actually cut back on my lunch as there’s a good chance it will be pizza for supper. Plus it’s just so dang easy I don’t muss up the kitchen. How often do you guys eat pizza?
  2. Once or twice a week, homemade, never take out or store bought except rarely.
  3. On average, once a week.
  4. I love pizza! Plain with extra cheese, every time! My DH orders a separate one b/c he likes all sorts of stuff on his.

    We go out for pizza about twice a month, but honestly, I'd eat it everyday if it were easily available.
  5. i am a new yorker but i am stationed out here in san diego
    needless to say the pizza here sucks:tdown:
  6. Ugh, Im so sorry, I know how you feel.. the pizza anywhere else is soooo baddddd

    I could eat pizza every day, I def. dont eat enough because I am always thinking about it... :drool:
  7. never. but i wish i had it everyday
    im too scared to eat fattening stuff :sad:
  8. when I was with my BF, at least 3 x's a week (he's Italian, we'd make it by hand, hehehehe)

    Now, less than once a month. Hmmm, maybe why I've dropped a few pounds since our split? I LOVE pizza.
  9. Me, once a month or less... it's too fattening.
    DH and DSS... at least once per week, often 2 or 3 times per week!

    Monday is always pizza night at our house and we order out.

    I order a salad.

    On Fridays, we almost always go out, and it's almost always Pizza.

    I order a salad.

    Ususally they will eat a frozen Pizza at some point during the weekend, Or, order another pizza late Saturday night (after DH has a had a few beers!) or we've even been known to go out to lunch for pizza on sunday.

    Guess what I eat? yeah. Salad.

    about the only time I eat it is when I make it at home.
  10. Once or twice a month. I worked at a pizza restaurant years and years ago but I ate pizza daily when I worked there. I guess working there has kind of ruined pizza for me because it was a pizza overload.
  11. About once a week........

    I couldn't resist today. I found a new little place called "Crust" The name drew me in......with the thin crust or as they call it on the menu Neapolitan pizza.

    I just love the thin crust in the big stone ovens.

    Now back to my diet :smile:
  12. I try not to eat pizza alot. And when I do..I prefer thin crust. I love spinach and's my fave!
  13. Once a month.
  14. At least once a month.
  15. maybe once a month or once every 2 months?

    its not really on my to-eat list.

    i gain weight easy!!!