Pizza anyone?

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  1. Hey all!!

    This is my first post in The Kitchen!!! My friends and I have started a blog about pizza and we created this blog for class, since we all had to create a blog and since we all love pizza we chose pizza!!! haha..i would love to hear some suggestions on how we can make our pizza blog more appealing since none of us have really made a blog before. I hope all you can help us and also have you guys find a great pizza place in the Bay area. if you all have any great places in the bay area that we can include we would be happy to include them.

    Thank You
  2. The cheeseboard pizza looks yummy.
  3. Just a heads up... I don't think you're allowed to start a thread about your own blog on tpf. Just warning you, because this might get closed... but you can definitely make a link to it in your signature! ;)

    I'm going to go check out your blog now though. I :heart: pizza!
  4. Zacharys on College Ave ;)
    Near rockridge bart!
  5. Thank ClaireZk, yea i wasn't sure i could do it either but i'm not sure how to put it in my signature? Thanks for the heads up though!!