[pixx]vuitton Minaudiere!! ...just when everyone said 'tribute' bag is the most $$$

  1. here's a clip of an article titled 'Brave Foray' from a local newspaper 'The Star' on Thursday, July 19:

    "After feasting our eyes on exquisite high-end jewellery, namely pieces from the Sous L’Emprise des Fleurs Collection, with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try on a few pieces, media members were ushered into the VIP Lounge for a surprise unveiling.

    Excitement peaked when Bensoussan opened a velvet box kept under tight security and removed a pure gold clutch for all to see.

    “The Minaudiere is the result of a feat never attempted before by the LV team. Marc wanted to use pure gold but it proved too soft, so we used 18K gold instead. Still, it was a challenge,” said Bensoussan as he gingerly held the dazzling clutch for all to see.

    Craftsmen toiled over sheets of gold, working block by block to hammer in the famous LV monogram. Individual sections were then attached with gold thread.

    It took 1,300 hours or a little over 54 days to produce the 1.5kg clutch, which costs a cool HK$2.5mil (RM1.1mil) >>that's merely USD220k!!.

    As a made-to-order item, Minaudiere is also available in white and pink gold.

    To date, LV has received one order each from Europe and Asia. Naturally, the Minaudiere is the definition of artistry and craftsmanship combined."

    (i can't help but to wonder who owns them!! )

    here's the only pics i found on the net:

    the white gold version...

    and of course, the original yellow one.:drool:

    so what all of you guys think??

    ps: pardon me if anyone had ever talked about this... :smile:
  2. WOW! I'm kinda speechless...
  3. beautiful..... gorgeous.... amazing.

    but i will never get a chance at owning this in my next 38262 lives!
  4. ^^
    Me, too!!!!!
  5. Not PURE gold? Oh, I am just so disappointed! Just kidding--- that is unbelievable! Could you even imagine walking around and carrying it?
  6. That's awesome but completely out of my reach. I don't even know when I would be able to use that clutch.
  7. :wtf:Wow! That is beautiful..Not that i'll ever be able to
    afford one but I like to look.
  8. The next one, they should come up with Diamonds....Ya,baby!
  9. can't form words right now.
  10. It looks great! This would be for the ultimate collector.
  11. wow. i had seen a picture a while back, and heard it was gold, i figgured it was a mirror clutch, gold dipped ya know? never knew about the 2.5 mil part! haha. beautiful none the less, id love to see the pink!

  12. word.
  13. hmm...............i don't know wat to say.....
  14. ummm i dont think id want it. its like the LV version of Victorias Secert Multi Million Dollar Christmas Bras....pretty to look at...but if you had it...what would you REALLLY do with it. Its probably heavy...it really opens and stuff like a real purse right? Its pretty much a less valuable, better looking gold bullion lol.
  15. Oh My Goodness, they are so stunning. :nuts:

    To bad I will never ever be able to afford one of those babies in my entire lifetime.

    Thanks for sharing!