pixiechic's scrumptious, simple satchel stash

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  1. OK, trying this again...was having some issues attaching images, but clearing my Firefox cache fixed 'em.

    Here's my collection! It's not all satchels, but I do seem to be focusing mainly on hand-carried styles lately. Enjoy!

    I'm going to start in alphabetical order:

    1) Chloe: My Edith twins, in red and ivory. I absolutely love this functional, retro, funky style, I just can't say this enough.

    2) Coach: The only two bags from my once-extensive collection that I haven't been able to part with...Patricia's Legacy (will never go out of style), and my Chelsea Pocket shoulder bag. Love the Chelsea leather, and the pink stitching and pink lining made her irresistible.

    3) Coach small accessories: Until recently, I carried just a wristlet instead of a wallet. I've never carried the pink/silver frame wristlet, but I found it at the factory store and it was too pretty to resist.

    4) Cole Haan: All in my favorite CH Village leather, and all from the outlet shop. The pink one was first, I got the blue one last spring, and the black mini-lunch-tote is perfect for an evening out. I've only carried the buttery-colored clutch once, but I just love the snappy magnetic closure.

    5) Dress-up bags: I have just two, and unfortunately I don't get to use them much. The first is an Onna Ehrlich red clutch with the softest, smooshiest leather and a big chunky tassel. The other is a quirky Betsey Johnson beaded satin bag with fringe on the bottom, a gift from my hip aunt in NYC.

    More to follow after thread approval. :yes:
    chloe edith ivory red.jpg coach bags.jpg coach small.jpg cole haan.jpg dressup.jpg
  2. Yay, approval! Now to continue...

    1) My two Hayden Harnetts - black Havana Hobo on the left, and Bittersweet Nomade Hobo on the right. HH makes some fabulous, bottomless, comfortable shoulder bags!

    2) Hermes -- my extravangant, guilty pleasures. In the center is my Lucky Bolide, which I bought for a killer 8-hour job interview...and she's so named because together, we got the job! She's 37 cm, clemence leather in Ebene. At the bottom left is her "Lucky" horseshoe charm, and then my tiny collection of two silk Twillys, from spring and summer of 07.
    hayden harnett.jpg hermes.jpg
  3. I don't have a lot of LV, but I thought they deserved their own post.

    1) LV Ellipse MM, and Damier Speedy 25. The Speedy was my first LV,which I purchased on a trip to London on the day after it was released. The Ellipse MM is a really large bag, and I love the unique shape. I got it this past fall right after this style had been discontinued -- had to call around to find one of the last remaining 12 in the US. She was sent to me from the nice people at the Atlantic City shop.

    2) Mama and baby! I got the mini Ellipse (also, sadly, discontinued) a month or so ago...isn't she adorable? She had a previous owner so she has the slightest bit of gentle patina. My DH likes to zip it open, turn it sideways and make it talk like a puppet. :p

    3) My small LV items: Wapity (best digicam case ever), Tambourin (perfect little shopping bag with sweet, plush red lining), mini Agenda with pale pink leather lining, and Cerises Pochette, which goes almost everywhere with me.
    LV ellipse speedy.jpg LV ellipses.jpg lv small.jpg
  4. Last set of pics, the Ms:

    1) and 2) The wonderful, always-stylish Miu Miu Bow Satchel. She's wearing a Hayden-Harnett Acorn charm, which seems to have been made for her. This bag also has a long cross-body strap and smells absolutely heavenly.

    3) Mulberry Bayswater, in black Darwin leather. I got this on a trip to NYC in October, and it turned out to be a great, roomy bag for the city -- can fit a bottle of water and other goodies -- yet I always feel chic and stylish when she's with me. She's also sturdy enough to put under the seat on a plane and not worry about.

    4) Mulberry Antony, which I just got today as a birthday gift from my wonderful DH! :love: This is in Chocolate Darwin leather, which looks and smells so scrumptious I could eat it up. This is a smaller bag with very long, wide crossbody strap, and will be the perfect size for day trips or for long-distance travel. Just enough room for a passport, wallet, lippie, phone, plane tix, and keys.
    miu miu bow satchel.jpg miu miu bow satchel acorn.jpg mulberry bayswater.jpg mulberry antony.jpg
  5. I love the mini-ellipse, I have never seen one before. I can just imagine the ellipse as puppet.
    No more Bal pixiechic? Or am I jumping the gun here?
  6. Hiya C! I have sold all my Bal at this point...I love the colors, but the delicate leather just didn't seem sturdy enough to justify the price. It's not out of the question for the future, and of course I have my eye on the lovely 08 Rose Pink for spring, but unfortunately it's going to have to wait until my wallet recovers from the holidays...by which time it may be nearly impossible to find. :shrugs:

    I love the mini ellipse too, although I haven't carried it yet. It's just big enough to hold bare necessities - keys, phone, lippie, and cards/cash.
  7. Great collection, C! Your Bolide is TDF, and I also love your Miu Miu, Mulberry, Chloes, and Cole Haans! Great variety!
  8. WOW ... awesome collection! I really love the two Hayden Harnetts, especially the brown one. And the Hermes Bolide ... :drool: ... this is the Hermes I would get (if I could afford to get one)! Stunning!! :smile:
  9. Thanks BagLuver and Moonstarr! The main thing I want to improve on in my collection is color....I seem to have a LOT of brown bags!
  10. Great collection ... thanks for sharing, love all the LV's and the bolide!
  11. Love the hermes....so classy and breathtaking.
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bolide and the pink Cole Haan!
  13. I can't tell you enough how I love the Edith twins!
  14. LOVE your Ellipses...mini and regular sized! LOL

    The pink/silver framed wristlet from Coach is too cute!
  15. Great collection!