Pixie & Peaches: Pixie Shows Off Her Blonde Crop, Inspired By Her Late Mother Paula

  1. [​IMG]
    Double take: Pixie Geldof, in London yesterday, showed off a blonde crop which appears to be inspired by her late mother Paula Yates

    Emerging It Girl: Pixie is fast becoming a fixture on London's social scene
  2. [​IMG]
    Peaches and Pixie failed to raise a smiled at a PPQ fashion show in London today
  3. ghhhhm....does not look goood..:tdown:
  4. i like it, she also reminds me of a punk version of 60's model Twiggy!!!
  5. I'm sorry..but who are these girls? :huh:
  6. I like the hair.
  7. I like the hair too!! I have no idea who these two are though! lol
  8. I was wondering the same thing.
  9. Bob Geldorf's children with Paula Yates. I like her hair.....looks good on her.
  10. I didn't know Paula had died, is the other girl her daughter with Michael Hutchence, the INXXS singer who died?
  11. Yikes. Not my favorite.
  12. Pixie looks exactly like Bob Geldof. And isn't Peaches Michael Hutchence daugter with Paula Yates? I think Bob Geldof adopted her after Micheal and Paula died...

    Update...MH and PY daugter is Tiger Lily, and Bob Geldof has raised her since her parents died so that she could live with her sisters.
  13. it suits her...
  14. she looks funny
  15. She's cute.