Pixie Geldof

  1. Stylish Pixie - the Geldof girl with 'Twiggy' style

    20th February 2007

    With her gamine crop and doe-eyed looks, Pixie, the latest Geldof around town, is reminiscent of 60s icon Twiggy.

    In a black and white checked swing coat and ballet flats, wildchild Peaches 15-year-old sister looks like a noughties version of the teenage supermodel
    Pixie has made an auspicious debut on the London social scene.
    Following in her sister's footsteps, she has been spotted sipping champagne, despite being three years too young to consume booze, and just 24 hours later she was back on the town again, causing havoc at London nightclub, Paper.
    But Sir Bob's youngest daughter looked stunning as she was photographed strutting around London.
    [​IMG] Pixie Geldof: The 15-year-old sister of Peaches is starting to follow in her sisters' wildchild footsteps

    [​IMG] Twiggy: The doe-eyed teenager became a world famous model and icon for the 60s generation

    She may not be quite as wild as sister Peaches - but with Twiggy as her inspiration, her fashion sense looks a lot better.

    Underage clubbing and raging tantrums seem to run in the Geldof family. But, for a change, it wasn't Peaches behaving like a spoilt brat but her younger sister Pixie.

    The 15-year-old youngest daughter of Sir Bob and the late Paula Yates was thrown out of London's exclusive nightclub Paper at the weekend after security guards finally did the math and realised she was far too young to be there.
    [​IMG] Cheers: Pixie Geldof, right with actress Selma Blair and designer Marc Jacobs and champagne at the Connaught on Friday

    Pixie, who was at the club to celebrate the London Fashion Week party of Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of rocker Rod, had other ideas though and threw a huge strop when she was reasonably asked to leave the premises - which had been hired by top party organisers viewparties.com - because she couldn't produce the relevant ID.

    She refused to go of her own accord, so was picked up by bouncers, who carried her down the hall. At the door she screamed for help in a high-pitched voice because she was so determined to stay.
    Despite Kimberly doing her best to persuade bosses to allow Pixie to stay - Kim even said that she was Pixie’s godmother and would take full responsibility - they still said no.
    What's a girl to do when her daddy is Bob Geldof? Well, threaten to get him down to have a word, that's what. Pixie also said that her dad would blacklist them from his tours and concerts.
    Unfortunately for Pixie, they didn't care and she was ejected from the Regent Street club.
    We're told: "Pixie wasn't at all happy and was doing everything she could to stay. She was pulling all of the strings but nobody was listening.
    "In the end, people were laughing at her. She was behaving ridiculously - it was quite hilarious.
    "She was certainly receiving all of the attention she wanted - she was behaving exactly like her sister Peaches."
    Meanwhile, Kimberly Stewart made no secret of her feelings towards her friend Calum Best. She was all over him in the club's VIP area - and they even left together at the end of the night. We dread to think what rocking Rod will have to say...
  2. I dont think she resembles Twiggy back in her day.
  3. I don't think she looks like Twiggy. Its all just the hair. She is cute though. I guess she didn't get her dad's looks.
  4. She's cute, let's hope she's not like her sister (about the stolen clothes stuff). And I must say that Selma Blair looks STUNNING in that bottom photo:wtf:
  5. i don't think she's cute at all. her face is kinda weird looking, particularly in the photo w/ marc jacobs. and her head is too fleshy to resemble twiggy.
  6. I STILL don't who she is even after having read the article. She looks nothing like Twiggy, and I don't see anything cute about her at all.

    She sounds like just another over-privileged, out of control pain in the arse brat to me.
  7. HILARIOUS!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ! I've GOT to use that one on someone! Too funny! "fleshy head"..... LOL!!!!!!!!:p
  8. her cheeks are fat.
  9. lol well i didn't want to call her fat, because i don't think she is...she's just got a big, puffy head.
  10. Yeah I don't think she looks like Twiggy. She looks kind of like Mandy Moore, especially in that picture with Marc Jacobs.
  11. LOL! You are so right!:p She's not fat but yes, that head is puffy isn't it?!?! Too funny!:roflmfao:
  12. Bob "Geldof married British TV presenter Paula Yates in 1986 and had three children with her: Fifi Trixibelle (b. 1984), Peaches (b. 1989) and Pixie (b. 1990). Yates and Geldof separated in 1995, when she began a relationship with Australian rock star Michael Hutchence" of INXS fame...

    Taken from: Bob Geldof: Biography and Much More from Answers.com

    Biography for Sir Bob Geldof

    I don't think she looks like Twiggy, but she's got a little sense of style =)
  13. She is Bob Geldof's daughter, he was the lead singer in the group Boom Town Rats. There British folks. :p
  14. I dont think she looks like twiggy.
  15. hot mess!