pix of Yeogh horsehair help me post!

  1. ok I have a visible picture of my Yeogh bag horsehair part taken by my camera phone which I forgot had a camera in it! and I uploaded to photobucket and it is visible there - now how do I get it here and to what thread? Please help - thanks - I am learning slowly - the detail isn't great but you can see it.
  2. ok corrected problem - it was on verizon not photobucket but it is now visible at photobucket - I sent you an email with it attached from my harddrive but it is now also at photobucket - let me know if problem - thanks
  3. here it is:
    yeoh bag 1.JPG
  4. Thanks very very much - now we have to move it to the reference section of members items LOL - how to???? and how did you do that?
  5. What a beautiful bag and so chic! I've never seen one before! Thank you for posting!!!!!
  6. If you want I can move it for you.
    This is how I did it: I uploaded the pic you sent me to the message (you can not use 'quick reply' for this, but you have to 'go advanced'. That was all.
    You can also make a link in the member's reference section to this thread.
  7. very pretty!
  8. Hello, thank you so much for uploading the pic!!

    Liz, what a beautiful bag!!!
  9. Gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  10. hello - thanks but I did it (so proud of my techy new self!). Later as I said on the other thread - after a few drinks - I will try again with the entire Yeogh bag - the chevre larger bottom so check members site maybe tomorrow morning!
    And thanks everyone for saying it is pretty - I do love it and you can carry it without the strap for evening
  11. That's a beautiful bag, Liz! So elegant. Congratulations!
  12. Didn't even need a drink: here is the second half of my Yeogh black chevre:
  13. Wow, how cute! I love the front of the bag! I can't really make it out in detail but is the woven?
  14. That IS very chic! Love the chevre/horsehair combo