Pix of XL Weekender please!

  1. Would anyone be willing to take a photo of themselves modelling an Extra Large Lesportsac Weekender bag?

    I bought the Luna, but it's just not big enough. So I need to be wiser and see better photos!

    Bonus points if you're plus sized in the photo!
  2. I don't own any extra large weekenders but have a few of the large weekenders and am a size 16/18 and 5'6". Let me know if those photos would help.
  3. That would be wicked, thank you so much!
  4. Here I am with one of my Large Weekender Lesportsac bags. I think the photo is deceiving because the bag is larger than it looks in the photo, so keep in mind that I am a larger gal at size 16/18 and am 5'6". I have three large weekenders and two of them worked perfectly for a week trip last summer. I had no problem carrying two of them filled. I folded the third into it's pouch and packed it just in case I needed an extra bag but never needed it.
    P1040794.jpg P1040796.jpg
  5. ^ Your bag totally mathces the pictures behind you.
  6. :lol: LOL - it does but I really didn't plan the photo that way! I love oranges, greens, pinks all the bright bold colors.