pix of white fall 06!

  1. ok, i hope these show! these are pix of my new white fall 06 first. the leather is smooshy and matte.:love:
    ck and small white bal3.jpg ck and small white bal  4.jpg
  2. wow, i love that white first on your chaussure-girl, it's so pretty!!!
  3. :amazed: :cool:
    yeah woo hoo!!! white first!!! geez, girl... you wear it better than i do! :sad:
    its just smokin'!!! woo hoo new b-bags... AND the b-bag fever begins....
  4. Love it!:love: Looks great on you!
  5. A perfect match for you, I love it!
  6. That is SO cute! I love the First in white!
  7. congrats! it totally suits you and it the leather looks awesome! i am terrified of white bags but they really are the perfect accessory.
  8. chaussure, the white first looks fab on you! congrats!
  9. Love it! Love the sunnies too!
  10. omigosh, silly me, i just realized what "sunnies" are just now :lol:
  11. Ohh you look gorgeous!!

    How is the leather on your purse.. thick and smooth, or more distressed?

    Wow I feel my craving for a white first coming back..
  12. thank you aaa, helen, tod, chanel, et and esile.
    elong, my shades are new guccis.
    kat, the leather is smooshy, thick and matte, not like any prior 06 colors i have seen so far...
    i am a weekender bal girl and this first took me by suprise! i had to take it home. i was still pouting about my ice blue mishap....:cool:
  13. chaus love that bag on you :love: how come you look so good, im jealous ;)
  14. Wow! The First looks GREAT in white! And you wear it well, girl!
  15. :love:
    chi- i am on my third white bal bag. i totally trashed my white twiggy and then got a white work which i baby. so, now i want to have fun with a white bal bag!:heart:
    kaka and bbag, thank youf for the nice compliments. i always feel soooooooo happy when i carry a new bal.:biggrin: