Pix of my That's Love Charm!!!

I know it's not a biggie, but just want to post this pix and thank that lovely tPFer's special package for my first XX purchase :girlsigh: This is also a follow up pix of my previous poll of Chanel Envelope, Glazed Hobo or LV Verone Lockit result.....Verone is a bit too 'grey' for me....BF said it's like a dead elephant color:sweatdrop: The pix shown is the Chanel Glazed hobo with the Love charm from XX :yahoo: Soo cute! Don't worry, I am still going to get the Lockit, either blue or black, perhaps will ask for another poll again lol.




oh baby that looks tasty I could just eat it up! LOL very dark and choclatie!!! :drool::girlsigh:


somebody stop me!
Jan 23, 2006
Your charm is beautiful!
I'm sorry I did not pick one up when I was at the boutique!
Can you tell me the retail price of it?