Pix of my tan paddy--your thoughts on color??

  1. Hi there,
    Well here are pix of my paddy in the natural light. I thought it would be a more beigey tan but it looks more orangey to me. this is from april 05...is there a lighter less orangey tan available or is this the only tan Chloe has made? What do you think of the color? is it neutral enough to wear with most any color?
    I am trying to decide whether to return or not and your advice is much appreciated!
    tan paddy 001_1.jpg
  2. I think it's gorgeous!!
  3. I think it goes with everything!
  4. I love it! I love the buckle!
  5. that's definitely the true color - I'm jealous as I want that color back!!! I say keep it. Gorgeous (unless you don't like the nonsquishy leather, which is why I got rid of mine).
  6. It's sooo beautiful and you can wear that with anything!!!
  7. :tender: Oh thanks so much!! I am feeling better about it and will sleep on it over night. I'm luck that the seller is so sweet and that she will honor a return so I have a little more time to think about it.

    All is there a lighter tan (not a cream) but a true tan--I would call this color more of a caramel...
  8. I love this colour!! Keep it if you love it; it's so versatile and you can wear it with so much, I still get loads of compliments on mine. My 05 tan paddy was a bit stiff at first, but it has since softened with use and now has more wrinkles and creases which add to the character of the bag. Out of all of the other paddy's I've felt, some are softer than mine was at first and some are stiffer, just depends I guess. Oh, I had also conditioned mine to help break it in. :smile:
  9. I love that color and it goes with anything. The great thing about it is that you can wear it year round as well. Keep it, it is so purrdy!
  10. Aerin and Illini3, thanks so much...I think it is growing on me...:yes:
  11. I love the color. Keep it!
  12. Oh my word -- I really love that color, your picture is great!!
  13. It's Beautiful. Nice and slouchy. Color is gorgeous.
  14. The colour is gorgeous, not quite whiskey and not quite tan which is perfect as the two best colours to have in the paddy are tan and whiskey (aswell as cream). Leather looks fab too!
  15. Ditto everyone's replies. Yours is defintely the '05 tan. I know what you mean about it being orangey and its quite a surprise when you see it in real life as it's not a 'quiet' colour. But IMO it's a stunning colour and suits the design, it's not for nothing that it was chosen as the campaign colour for the Paddington. It will last the distance when the other colours are looking tired. It's definitely a keeper.
    Chloe does different tans each season and 06's tan was the Whiskey, this season it's Muscade or Canelle, of which the SA @ Chloe said was a mixture between Whiskey and Tan. (need to check what the name is out).