pix of my perfect bag!!!!


Jan 26, 2006
So, I FINALLY figured out how to work my digital camera. Unfortunately my boyfriend was away so I couldn't get a picture of me carrying it.

I still don't think that pictures do it justice but this is just the perfect bag - I am so in love with it!!! The leather is so beautiful and soft and the size is just right - big enough for my 15" powerbook but it still sits comfortably on my shoulder and under my arm. Also the outside pockets are great - the hidden magnets keep them closed but I can quickly grab my phone without digging all around and actually answer it before it stops ringing!

Anyway thanks again to all who encouraged me to take the leap and buy it. I had never heard of Notting Hill Design and frankly was a bit nervous about buying something from overseas. But it's worked out great!

What do you all think?! (afraid I'm not up for any photography awards)



Jan 17, 2006
Love the lining too! Thanks for sharing! Oh...and a lot of the ladies here take a photo of themselves using a mirror. That's how I do it. My husband would think I was crazy if I asked him!
Jan 10, 2006
Congrats! Great work bag without being stuffy. That purple lining and the outer design/detail is really nice!