PIX of my new PYTHON bag!!

  1. I haven't been to a Coach store or outlet since December. Well, I stopped by the outlet today (just to have a look) and I found this beautiful large python ergo bag. I'm normally not a python-type of girl but this bag is gorgeous IRL. I don't even remember seeing it in the stores. Did you ladies see it? The SA told me that it may have come from a New York store. Anyway, I snagged it for $479 and the retail price was $999! It was just too good of a deal to pass up. Woohoo! :yahoo:
    python 001.jpg python 002.jpg python 003.jpg
  2. WOW! That is one HOT bag! CONGRATS!!!!:smile:
  3. OMG I am so jealous, that bag is fierce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I especially love the lining, it is TDF!!!!!

    I don't suppose they had more than one? :s
  4. you're outlet up there is the best!!! you'll have to be my eyes and tell me if they've got anything good!!!
  5. Wow that is one HOT bag! And what a steal of a price!

    I am with you - I am not really a python kind of girl, but that is amazing. Congrats and ROCK that bag! :rochard:
  6. That was a great deal you got... Congrats!! :yahoo:I am not a fan of python thingy but it's just me :biggrin:
  7. :drool:
    That is one AMAZING bag and a GREAT deal you go on it! Lucky you, congrats! The ocelot lining is HOT, too!
  8. GORGEOUS!! We had them at our outlets too, and I REALLY wanted to get this one!!! However, the totes were not in great condition, as the printed leather tends to peel off and for some reason shows white/gray underneath. I ended up buying the hobo style because those bags did not look to be handled like the totes did. I bought mine for $350, but I would have gladly paid what you did for yours if I could have only found a good one!!

    Be very careful of this issue yourself too!! An SA told me this is a common problem with these bags, and I don't know how well they will wear over time. They have had a lot of returns, and most of the pythons at the outlets were from displays or store returns.
  9. That is a fabulous bag, I love when I find a really great bag unexpectedly! It brightens up my whole day!
  10. Thanks for your compliments everyone. I actually took the last one of in this style but there were 3 more pythons in the Chelsea style F11007. It was $429.99 with 20% off so it would be about $343.99. Here's the pix of the other style.
  11. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great find.
  12. HOT!! I just saw this bag on eBay and was drooling, Congrat's its a stunning bag.
  13. Wow. :drool: Congrats on such a fabulous find!
  14. Ho, that is an awesome find. That is like, grail.
  15. Gorgeous Bag. Absolutely love the lining!!!:nuts: