1. Hey Everyone! First off I'd like to thank all those that helped me decide on my very first Louis Vuitton-- the Speedy was the perfect choice! Thanks also to those who helped me decide on whether to buy a used one on eBay or a new one on eluxury. After much contemplating, I have finally purchased this wonderful and oh-so-beautiful monogram speedy 30. It's my first expensive designer bag, and after being on this forum alot, I'm sure it won't be my last. Enjoy!
  2. Great choice! Congrats!
  3. She's gorgeous! Makes me want one even more! :love: :love: :love:
  4. congrats, so pretty! :love:
  5. Congrats and good choice!!
  6. Congratulations, it is gorgeous and classic...I want one!
  7. Thanks Everyone!! Yea, ain't she a beauty? =)
  8. Oohh! Congrats on your new Speedy!! It's a classic beauty!
  9. Definitely a great choice:yahoo: for a first designer bag (I bet this won't be your last either, heeheehee)Congrats and enjoy your beautiful bag
  10. She's stunning!!! Congrats...you're gonna love this bag!!! :smile:
  11. congrats on your FIRST LV piece!!! what an excellent choice for your first LV!!! she's beautiful!!! congrats!!! WELCOME TO THE SPEEDY CLUB!!!!
  12. congrats! its a classic and a wonderful first!:girlsigh:
  13. Congrats! Better WATERMARK your pixes!
  14. Yea, I was thinkin of that...how do I watermark my pixes?
  15. Congrats! I'm sure you'll love it!:love: Thanks for the pics!
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