Pix of my New B Bag.......

  1. when I walked into NM today, my intentions were either get the white or cafe in either part time or office size.

    And all of a sudden my SA shows me this blue one in part time size and says it came in just last weekend and she has put one aside for me to look at.

    I am not sure if this is the one that you guys call Aqua, but I doubt it 'cause it's rather got grayish tint to it, not green with medium blue base color. And on top of that she has such beautiful leather grain......the whitish grain showed alot compare to any other colors.

    I have included pix of it. I just fell in love with it at the first sight and just took her home. :yahoo: My SA told me to go with the Cafe since I have so many blueish B-Bags, but this one is just so different! She is such a beauty.

    By the way she said the color is called blue glatzy or something.

    80% of me is satisfied with it and says keep it though 20%says the Cafe might be more versatile and last a longer time.

    What do you all B-Bag lovers think?
    bal.JPG bal2.JPG
  2. blue glacier aka periwinkle i think!
  3. Very pretty bag! That looks like blue glacier. I prefer cafe but I think since you fell in love with the bag you should keep it.
  4. Truffle is my favorite brown ...it is just gorgeous...but , I love the blue glacier with the GH....I think I would go for the Truffle ...if you already own other blue B Bags...
  5. I adore that color almost beyond belief.

    For me and my wardrobe, it wouldn't be the most versatile color in the Balenciaga rainbow. I'm the kind of girl where I had to choose between a gorgeous, but less pracital, and a more practical, but less exciting color, I'd go with practical.

    But to each her own! It's a tough decision to make.
  6. I love it - keep it!
  7. That bag is awesome. I want it so much. :smile::love:
  8. Lovely color! If she calls to you, you should keep her. :yes:
  9. Great bag!! Lovely colour with the GH!
  10. Definitely the blue glacier...my local NM's had the same bag!
  11. I like that one, I think it's really pretty!!!
  12. Gratulerer!!! It looks lovely!
  13. Thats one of my fav colours from the new season...

    Gorgeous bag!
  14. looks lovely.
  15. Lovely.