PIX of my new accessory items!

  1. Finally am posting pix of my new items from the Orlando Chanel boutique. I picked up a black metallic reissue wallet and a cute little rhinestone CC bobby pin. I haven't seen either items in NM or Saks so I grabbed them right away! :jammin:
    wallet 001.jpg wallet 002.jpg
  2. Love it!! I want one!!! How much did you get it if you don't mind??

  3. I love the wallet! Congratulations!
  4. nice, congrats:love:
  5. lovely wallet - congrats
  6. Great finds. Enjoy!!
  7. the wallet is so gorgeous. How much is the wallet? thank you
  8. Lovely wallet!
  9. Congrats ... that's really beautiful!
  10. Love it, I want the dark silver wallet, , great purchases, enjoy!
  11. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  12. Classic :smile: Congrats!
  13. congrats, they're classic!
  14. thanks everyone. The bobby pin was $135. The wallet was $695 and it came in this black metallic and a metallic silver. The clasp on this wallet is a mock turnlock. You open the wallet by flipping the flap up. But it's so cute in person and it fits beautifully in my jumbos and tote. Just perfect!
  15. congratulations! ~ the met black is :love: & the bobby pin too cute!