Pix of my Boobies (ha!) and Calcaire City!

  1. Here is my new (to me) Calcaire City that I just love and adore so much and my boobies. The boobies are apple green, silver, white, indigo and sky blue.
    0000111aaa 065ss.jpg 0000111aaa 066ss.jpg
  2. Very nice! I love little accessories, but I'm always afraid I'm not going to use them. But it's just like handbags, you can never get enough.
  3. I love your boobies! And your Calcaire City is just perfect, congrats!!
  4. That's a lot of boobies!!! LOL I am loving both your bag and the boobies!!
  5. wow Donna, your Calcaire city is just gorgeous and I like all the boobies too.
  6. Gorgeous! love your silver boobie, and the red backdrop framing your gorgeous calcaire and boobies!
  7. awww.... that was my baby!!! Donna i am soooo glad you love her. i'm sure she'll get more use from now on!!!!!!!!!
  8. Love the City and adore the Boobies!
  9. Congrats Donna, :yahoo: I am so glad that you found your Calcaire City and gorgeous Boobies.;)
  10. Oh Donna....nice bobbies :graucho:

    On the serious notes, they are really cute and love your Calcaire City
  11. Darn it! Someone beat me to the "nice boobies" line:supacool:
    I LOVE that Calcaire City (couldn't have purchased from a nicer seller, either) and those adorable little boobies!
    What can you fit in them?
  12. Holy Boobies!!! That's quite a collection!!! They're so cute! Congrats!!! I need to get some boobies now!
  13. COngrats Donna, I am so glad you got your CITY!!! Love those boobies they're so cute!!!
  14. Dang, so many boobies! :nuts:
  15. OMG!!!! that's a LOT of boobies :P
    they look so cute with your calcaire :yes: