Pix of HH Mercer Satchel?

  1. Hi everyone,
    You'are all probably sick of me and all my hayden harnett questions, but here goes one more. For those of you gals who own the mercer satchel, do you by chance have a picture of it on your shoulder/hand. I'm trying to get an idea of how large it is. I don't want too big of a bag. I just got the mercer hobo and it's HUGE!! I'm in love w/ the chalk color and have to have a bag in this wonderful color, but it's just so big. I'm gonna give it a few days to see if it grows on me. Thanks for any photos you might have.:yes:
  2. Is there no end to the suffering I do for you ladies? Attached is me, all squeaky clean from my shower tonight, in my Love Bug bathrobe, modeling my lovely Luggage Satchel.

    Kindly ignore all the junk in the background. I cropped out at much as I could. :P
  3. pidgeon92,
    Thank you so much for the photo. It looks like such a great functional bag and not too big. That luggage looks fabulous!!!!
  4. Pidgeon92,
    Is it comfortable on to wear on your shoulder?? do you find it to be too big or bulky to wear on your shoulder. I've given the hobo a few days and I think I might like the satchel better, more organized and such. Thanks,
  5. I think the satchel is very comfortable to wear on the shoulder. The handles are longer than most satchels.
  6. Thanks pseub. Would you consider this a big bag or just medium in size. I'm not a huge big bag kinda gal. My Kooba Sienna is the largest and I think it's SOOO big, so I don't want another huge bag, but the mercer seems to be so organized and functional.
  7. I'd consider it medium sized. The nice thing about these bags is that they are soft and slouchy, so if you don't fill them up they collapse a bit and are very comfortable to wear. I carry a lot of stuff and I have room to spare in mine because of the great design.
  8. Thanks pseub, I'm going to return the hobo and get the satchel in chalk.
  9. If I were wearing a heavy coat, I don't think carrying it on the shoulder would be a good option. With a Spring/Fall coat, I think the shoulder straps are long enough that it would be fine. It really is a very nice bag.
  10. Thanks for the help ladies.