Pix of Chanel cap from fall/winter precollection

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  1. I've been so distracted by the dark silver reissue that I forgot to post this cap that my SA sent along with the bag. I saw it at the website (look under Accessories-->Fall/Winter 2007/8 precollection, look #1) and she was able to find it for me. It's a light wool jersey so it's different from the black tweedy baker boy cap I got last winter. And it has a cute button detail on one side of the cap. Keeper?


  2. Very cute!
  3. def. a keeper :tup: looks great on you
    mind if I asked how much is it.. I love it.. if it's not too expensive I might get one myself (I'm a hat-ho in fall/winter season)
  4. Oh yes definitly a keeper. It's gorgeous and it fits you perfect!
  5. Definitely a keeper!
  6. It looks wonderful on you!!!
  7. A keeper for sure! Looks fabulous on you!!
  8. thanks ladies! i think it's a keeper too. Here are the details in case you want to track one down for yourself:

    07A A35468X01001
    94305 black

    I got it in size M (says 58 on the tag).
  9. I love the hat on you! Definitely a keeper! The button on the side's pretty cute too
  10. You're just too adorable Larkie! Definitely a keeper! Looks great on you!
  11. The button detail is gorgeous! KEEPER FOR SHURE!
  12. SO cute!
  13. very cute, a keeper:tup:
  14. So cute! I got the same hat as well as a black shearling baseball hat. I can't wait for the Act 2 accessories to come out!
  15. ^ ooh, do you have a pic of the shearling baseball hat? I think i saw it for a second somewhere and didn't have time to inspect it. Do you know if it's still available?