Pix of blue python flap and choco marais bowler

  1. hello ladies, the best i can do after fussing with my mom's iMac here in dallas is post some pix on this link. The bag of interest here is the blue python that people have been discussing at other threads...i think the color in these pics is pretty true to life and the skin is considerably hardy (much more so than snake of course)...the pics of the choco bowler are just bonus...hehe i love me some Marais leather!!


    i'll be able to get more pics etc when i'm back on my PC when i get back to CA.

    sorry if there are other old pics at that link.
  2. hum on second thought the color is darker in real life. the first up close shot is the closest to actual color. i think i said turquoise to someone before but it's not quite turquoise...just a very pretty/unusual shade of blue.
  3. Aww I just wish I'd seen your bag IRL before Lisa shipped it out! LOL.

    It's a really pretty color. Blue is my fave, all-time :tup:

    How are you getting it back to California?
  4. Just beautiful...congratulations.!
  5. the bag was sent to me in dallas to bypass that whole python issue in CA. i'll take it home with me on Wed. i wasn't struck by lightning when i saw it (as with the bronze python) but the color and skin are TDF. the skin looks/feels a lot thicker and more resilient than the metallic bronze. i'm shocked to say i'm sorta on the fence with this lil guy. i saw the winter white crochet python (same size flap) at NM yesterday and that would have definitely gone home with me instead of this blue guy if the price hadn't been twice :push: as much as this blue one.
  6. What a pretty shade of blue Larkie! I am seriously obsessed with bright blue bags right now, especially after the LB blue bowler turned out to be too dark for me. And, you have to stop showing us pics of the Les Marais bags; I am going crazy drooling over that yummy leather! :heart:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. LOL sorry Stephanie! It is indeed embarrassing to be caught drooling over your own purse while carrying it but i can't help it sometimes! I am loving the marais bags.
  8. I've seen some of those crochet python bags - they are so insanely beautiful, I can only imagine how incredible the winter white would be!
  9. ^well to make things worse, they showed me the white crochet python then BABAM! they pulled out the white alligator reissue. was worse than a slow death. it's like saying, sooo is this your idea of heaven? how about we throw more heaven on top of it? ahh...too bad that's gonna cost $30,000 for both bags. arghhhh
  10. One reason I'm glad that I'm not that into exotics - $$$$ ouch!!
  11. wow Larkie! you have amazing taste!
  12. That bag is so amazing, glad it got a good home! Congrats!
  13. Congrats on your exotic beauty! You must post more pics :drool:
  14. Both bags are beautiful, and that color blue is something else! I love blue, and that's such a pretty shade of it. The bowler is gorgeous too, the leather looks so plush. You have great taste!
  15. WOW...very pretty, love the blue. Congrats on all your fabulous bags and those to come!!!:yes: