Pix for Shoes - of... Shoes!!

  1. I was remiss in not posting these sooner. In NYC a couple of months ago, I fell in love with a pair of black H loafers. Per your request, Shoes, here are pix of my shoes!! They are the most comfy pair of shoes I own. Now I want them in brown with gold H's.... :yahoo:
  2. :nuts: Those are cute! Oh, my wishlist is ever expanding!
  3. mMMMM Those are nice and so are the other two pairs of loafers!! Sorry, I had to come here before Shoes. But those are gorgeous and it's nice to hear they are comfy! Congrats!:yahoo:
  4. Pretty shoes, Sue!
    Brown/gold is my fav combo:yes: hope you find them.
  5. Oh..my mom has a pair exactly like those!! They were a little small for her so she ended up giving it to my cousin. They're pretty!! congrats!
  6. Love the loafers and I agree...chocolate with gold would be gorgeous!
  7. I LOVE all three pairs you have in the pic!!!:nuts: SO HOT!!!
  8. he he he...thanks Ninja!! Yup those are the ones I saw in the store too....oh boy that list....growing....not good lol!!!! And they run true to size?? Hmmmm...thanks for the pic!
  9. I have the same pair too...black...haven't got the heart to wear them yet...maybe next year.
  10. very nice!! love the combination brown w/gold :yes: