*PIX* Flap, flap - no, it's not a bird...

  1. Oh, I crack myself up :wlae:

    Ahem, sorry. Back to the point...Mr. UPS kindly delivered these darlings to my door yesterday. Patent blush and matte gold medium classic flaps!! I absolutely LOVE them both and carried Miss Blush out for drinks last night. She was definitely the belle of the (high)ball!! Ba-dum-dum-CHING. Man, I am on a roll today...

    I can practically hear some of y'all rolling your eyes so I'll shut up now :yes:



    Night/indoor lighting (I have track lights in my apartment):

    Didn't take any interior/detail shots, but am happy to oblige. Thanks for letting me share with all of you!!! :love:
  2. :drool: Wonderful bags! The blush is TDF!
  3. Wow, I'm really loving that matte gold bag. The blush is fabulous too, but I'm just :nuts: about the gold!
  4. They are TDF. Congrats!
  5. omg@!! these are gorgeous!!!! the pink is tdf!!! which neiman did u end up getting it from
  6. wow beautiful!!

    wjade also got the pale gold recently i think~

    the blush is gorgeous!

  7. Holy crap, that gold is gorgeous! Do you if that comes in jumbo? :nuts: Congrats on two seriously beautiful bags! :love:
  8. "picks self up off floor" OMG these are amazing!! Loves them.
  9. They're both gorgeous, but the blush is magnificant!!!
  10. flap, flap. that's funny. both are so gorgeous.
  11. Oh Jenn. Absolutely beautiful! :love: Both of them! Wear them in the BEST of health!:flowers:
  12. awwWWwW!!!

    I love them!!!!
  13. i adore that blush flap. omg. congrats!
  14. oh man u are so lucky to have both those bags those are some sexy bags
  15. Holy moly, you've got yourself two GORGEOUS bags, congratulations!
    And the gold is soooooo beautiful :drool: