[Pix] Amore Caramella, Campeggio, Scuola, CiaoCiao!

  1. more pix of the new Amore print in different bag styles!

    Amore Caramella
    links to bigger version of the pictures:

    i think you can't lose on the print with any of these bag styles..its small enough to get a lot of kyoot characters! so print placement probably won't be as crucial since i love so many of the couples! though i would think a baby blue or pink trim would be MUCH better suited...i'm just not a fan of khaki/brown/neutral tones hahaha

    this bag is one of my amore bags that're coming in from pulse!
  2. Amore Campeggio

    links to bigger version of the pictures:

    This is bag #2 that I'm getting in the Amore print from pulse! I've finally converted over to the messenger bags and decided that a Campeggio is a MUST HAVE on my list...This was after I saw a BEAUTIFUL paradiso campeggio that i chargesended for my aunt..she got the most beautiful print placement..i was sold on campeggio after that! lolz

    I swear its all in the print..It can make ANY bag look good!
  3. Amore CiaoCiao


    links to larger version of these pix:

    omg amore is PERFECT for the ciaociao! I originally preordered a Ciao in this print from pulse but they're not getting that bag =( That makes me sooooo sad because I've been wanting a ciao and if it looks this kyoot on the ciaociao, i can only imagine how kyoot it'll look on the ciao...I think I need an Amore Ciao...!
  4. wow great pics~ congrats!
  5. Does this mean that pulse got their shipment?

    Thank You for all the great pics. I can't wait to get my bags. With the free shipping from pulse is it Priority mail or ground shipping?

  6. i don't think pulse has gotten their shipment yet..sometime this week or next is their guess...but either way they ship via priority mail which gets to me in 2-3 days! i love that! super fast!
  7. Wow! Great pics! Looks like you can't go wrong with whatever your choose except for the black mesh thing. I love that hot pink lining! :yahoo:
  8. I'm definately getting a ciao or bambinone if i have a choice!
  9. I just want to make sure I get the dinosaurs on mine somewhere visible without having to point it out
  10. cute!! oooh I might have to get something.... I love love love the inside pink color!!! and I was telling myself I wouldn't get anything in this print! ack!!:wtf:
  11. Yeah but the black mesh on that scuola just turns me away. i mean thats the first thing i saw. not even the print! but that black was glaring out at me. i dont like it. but the gold and the tan really comment the print.
  12. Bubblesung- Thanks for the shipping info. I was hoping it would be priority mail. I keeping hoping that pulse will get their bags. I'm so impatient.:nuts: :hysteric:
  13. ahhhhh these pics make me even MORE IMPATIENT. HURRY UP PULSE OR I'LL GO INSANEEEEE!!
  14. I wish someone had a pic of the bella in amore...