Pivoine pop enough? with gold or rosegold? Help!

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  1. Hi, everyone! Have been searching for a giant rosegold sorbet whether in city or part time but sadly, there doesn't seem to be any available in stores anymore. So am thinking if I should settle for pivoine...is pivoine pop enough? The only pivoine I saw in our local Balenciaga store is a covered velo and the leather was so dry with whitish veins, but the pivoine I see in the purse forum are very pinkish and pop, I wonder if it's the flash? And is the pivoine a pink pink or a light reddish-pink?

    If I do decide to get pivoine, in what size and hardware? My first choice is a giant city since I feel part time is too rugged for a girly color (have a part time in canard rggh). Right now, there is a pivoine rggh partime available, is rggh good for pivoine or will it wash out the pale pink color? Or do I wait for a pivoine giant city with gold hardware, you think the yellow gold will look better with the pale pink? So hard to make this decision:sad:
  2. Pivione is a mellower, moodier shade of pink than Sorbet, and is stunning with RGGH. IMHO the RGGH brings out the pink in the leather and doesn't compete or clash with it.

    Also, Pivione bags do not come in GGH, just RH, RGGH and SGH.

    I do find it funny that you call the PT "rugged".....:roflmfao: So not a word I would use to describe any Balenciaga bag!
  3. Hi, Susan! Hmmm, maybe the word I should have used is edgier:smile: I guess the word rugged shows my age hahaha:smile:...I just think that it's harder to pair a part time size with dresses esp those long summery-type ones...anyway, getting back...Pivoine will be coming out in gold hardware around Oct/Nov, an aunt in U.S. was informed by the Balenciaga boutique New York (had her search/ask for sorbet around her area), it will only be available in U.S. stores...but I feel that the yellow gold will be too much, esp when I will be wearing yellow gold jewelry at the same time, so much bling-bling...
  4. Edgier..maybe....personally I love wearing my PT's with maxi dresses (they slouch so nicely and work well with all the flowy material/dont get lost in the dress!):biggrin:

    Ah, yes...the LE GGH Pivione...forgot about that one. Well if you like gold jewelry, then the GGH wouldnt be too bad. But any HW would be fine really-I only wear silver, white gold and platinum/palladium jewelry and all my Bals are either RGGH or SGH.;)
  5. I'd wait and get the GGH, I like the contrast of the RGGH on Pivoine but I think I'd like GGH more. And if you decide that you don't like pivoine with GGH you should still be able to find one in RGGH.
  6. sometimes white gold and sometimes yellow gold, that's why I think yellow gold hardware would be too much...so you think pivoine is pinkishpink not like reddish pink? Some pics I see is kinda reddish...
  7. pixiejenna-you're rt, have also been looking at some framboise ggh pics rt now:smile:
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    The pivoine I've seen in real life is a muted pink, it didn't have any red undertones. I don't really wear much jewelry but I like the look of gold jewelry with GGH to me it makes you look a little more polished/put together. If your wearing silver jewelry it may not match the GGH but it wouldn't look bad, IMO.
  9. The Piviones I have seen are like what Pixiejenna said-muted pink, some more saturated than others, as is with all Bal leather colors.

    Framboise is lighter than Pivione and Sorbet.....and less pop IMHO
  10. hmmm, ok ok , guess I have to make a decision soon. Thanks so much for your insights:smile:
  11. I prefer sorbet over pivoine as it is more POP!! I love it and want a sorbet some time.
  12. Pinkalicious--me,too! Have been obsessing over sorbet since summer, but cant get a hold of a brandnew rosegold giant city or parttime...wait, just remembered I almost got one last month, was so excited and felt so lucky to have been able to spot one (locally) without it being sold off yet...upon meet up, there were 3 small black dots on the zipper key of the front pocket...I was so disappointed, my check was ready, and have been planning outfits revolving around the sorbet rosegold...no wonder it hadn't been snapped up yet, even up to now, it's still there, I go visit the pics now and then hahaha...
  13. I think you should wait for Sorbet RGGH if that's what you really love. If you're spending that much money, it'll be worth the wait. Sooner or later, it will show up. I prefer Sorbet over Pivoine too.
  14. imlvholic...been scouting soooo long, and 2011's grenadine seems too reddish ...am already sooo wanting a pink bag...funny thing is, pivoine seems to have finally grew on me, and I think I now prefer pivoine over sorbet...pivoine seems easier to match since it's not too loud...hmmm again...
  15. I love pivoine above sorbet. For me, the Bal leathers lend themselves to softer more sophisticated colors... it would be hard for me to have a red bal, a red alma yes, but I love the muted bal colors to go with the leathers as it starts to age. I think pivoine is stunning! Looks to me orangy and so sophisticated coloring... I do love a pop of pink, and eventually I could change my mind about red bal leather, but for now as a semi bal newbie, muted feels better with the bal leather.....