Pity Party...table for one

  1. This has nothing to do with gucci, but i love you girls and want ur pity (haha)

    I just turned 24 about 22 mins ago and what am i doing? out partying it up? NOPE im sitting here studying for an MBA class! WOE IS ME!!!!


    ok i just realized this sounds like a "wish me a happy bday thread" haha no i have tons of sweet friends that are calling me as i type but i turned my phone on silent and must focus on economics... FUN!!

    U know what i learned?

    The ladies at TPF demand gucci therefore The Gucci Group supplies it

    wohooo im on to aceing this thing!!

    ~*~ mods feel free to close this thread if it was not appropriate!! i just wanted to complain and feel much better already!

  2. aww happy birthday! get an A on that test for your present!! ps- i understand i'm a graduate student also. *tear*
  3. I'm not a gucci owner (yet!) but by golly I do have birthdays so...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and good luck on your exams!
  4. Happy Birthday and good luck on your MBA class.

  5. ow, you poor thing! wish you a very happy birthday & a great test!

    U know what i learned? 
    The ladies at TPF demand gucci therefore The Gucci Group supplies it
    ^ :tup:
  6. happy b-day! i'm sure you'll do a great test. best of luck! :flowers:
  7. sorry you are stuck studying. Maybe you can celebrate today. Hope you have a great day!
  8. wish you lots of luck!!!!
  9. thanks u guys!!!! I am positive ur good lucks and well wishes helped me ace that test!!!

    THANKS YOU GUYS!! AND guess what? im off to DALLAS to go shopping wohooooooooooooooo
  10. Have fun!! Report back with all your new goodies
  11. happy birthday!
  12. Happy BIrthday and good luck!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday ! & Good Luck !
  14. Awww.. my dear - we are in the exact same situation!!

    I turned 24 on May 5, and I spent the week before my birthday preparing for MBA classes that started the week afterwards!! I know it will be worth it in the end... but I feel like I should be going out & having fun. :sad:
  15. Good luck and happy birthday! It sucks to have to study when you want to be out having fun :sad:.