1. Can anyone recommend fun or interesting things to do in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area? I may find myself there in mid august and would love some recommendations on things to do.
  2. I'm from Pittsburgh, so I can probably help you out!

    Station Square is a really fun area with a lot of bars and restaurants, and South Side is a neighborhood with tons of bars and great shopping.

    Kennywood is the local amusement park, with tons of rollercoasters and fun stuff like that!

    As for museums, check out the Andy Warhol Museum, the John Heinz History Museum, and the Carnegie Science Center.

    For just something fun, how about a ride on one of the inclines up to Mt. Washington? The views are BEAUTIFUL up there and there are some great restaurants at the top (I recommend the LeMont).

    If you're into birds or flowers, the National Aviary and Phipp's Conservatory/Botanical Garden are near each other and both are equally lovely ways to spend an afternoon.

    Hmm...what else. Check out the University of Pittsburgh's campus in Oakland and take a trip to the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning.

    Pittsburgh is a place with tons of cool stuff to see, especially in the summer, so if you need specifics or any more recommendations, just let me know! :smile:
  3. katrines has already covered everything. I highly recommend Carnegie Museum and Andy Warhol Museum. If you have time, you can stop by The Mattress Factory. It's a small museum. They had some interesting exhibitions in the past.

    Southside is a cool place. It has a lot of bars around there and a shopping center (Southside Works).

    Oh, I agree with taking an incline up to Mt. Washington. The view of Pittsburgh from up there is gorgeous. There're some restaurants up there. I think a lot of people go to The Saloon.

    If you want to go shopping, you should check out Shadyside. Many stores like J.Crew, GAP, Banana Republic, etc. and restaurants are on Walnut St. There are Saks and Macy's in downtown. Did I mention there is no tax on clothes in PA?

    Check out Strip District on Sunday morning. They have food vendors and other stuff. It's really fun.

    You should go see Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. It's outside of Pittsburgh but not that far.
  4. :wtf: Are you SERIOUS?! Oh I am so excited now!!

    Thanks for the help, both of you! I'll be sure to check out all those suggestions.
  5. Also, Pittsburgh has some really amazing restaurants. MUCH better than you'd expect from a city of this size...

    If you let me know what you like, I can make some recommendations.
  6. Wow..nothing like a post on Pittsburgh to bring us all out of the woodwork!

    Lilian, the others gave you some fabulous ideas....but lets see what else I can think of to add to their list!

    The Gateway Clipper Fleet offers some fun cruises, I love to go on the evening/sunset cruise, because the city is just beautiful at night.

    Check out the view from the West End Overlook. Breathtaking!

    There is a limited, but helpful light rail service, called the "T" which takes you from downtown to the Station square area, so that may be convenient.

    In downtown, get a cupcake or thumbprint cookie from Jenny Lee Bakery. Great coffee at Cool Beans or Crazy Mocha. Wonderful restaurants downtown include Sonoma Grille, Trilogy, August Henry, Tonic, Six Penn Kitchen, Cafe Euro, and a ton of others in the Cultural District. Nakama (Japanese) on the Southside is fantastic, as is Mallorca/Ibiza and Tusca, which are both Spanish-influenced restaurants/tapas bars. Lots of laid back college bars and casual restaurants there as well. Love the little crepe place in Shadyside...Crepes Parisiennes, I believe??

    Speaking of the Cultural District, check out a play or musical at one of the theaters in that area, if something good is running.

    If you are there on the weekend, get up early and go down to the Strip District (5 minute walk from downtown). There are a lot of farmer's markets, cafes, antique shops, etc. Great place to while away a Saturday morning.

    Try Bloomfield, another few minutes up the road. Great neighborhood full of wonderful Italian restaurants.

    Check out a baseball game at PNC Park - we have the most beautiful ballpark in the country..and you can also take a water taxi to/from the game which is fun as well. Right next door is Heinz Field, so if you are a football fan you should check out the Great Hall, where the Super Bowl trophies are displayed, along with other memorabilia.

    If you are outdoorsy and athletic, there is a bike path that starts in downtown and is apparently a great route.

    There is also great shopping at the Waterfront, which is about 10-15 minutes from downtown, and not far from the South Side. Definitely check out Shadyside and the South Side for shopping as well.

    How long will you be here, and how long are you staying in town??? :smile:
  7. The things I miss from living there:
    Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe
    Rita's Ices
    My Hairdresser that worked at Profile's in Cranberry...
    ShadySide shopping.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I'll be there for about 4-5 days, but nothing is definite yet. Can anyone recommend any hotels? The cheaper the better (I'm a student), but obviously somewhere relatively safe.
  9. What part of the city are you going to be staying in?

    Eesh, horrid grammar, but you get the idea...
  10. I'm not a huge baseball fan but you MUST go to the ballpark. The view of teh city from their is amazing...