Pittsburgh Coach Outlet opening next week, anyone going?

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  1. The Tanger Outlets in Washington open next friday. Anyone hitting up Coach and wanna meet? I actually requested off work like 3 months ago...im such a junkie...lol. Well, I also have a drs appt later in the day, but what a better way to spend my morning! lol
  2. IM SO EXCITED!!!! I worked 40 overs Of OVERTIME this past week to get extra $ wont be able to make it opening weekend I dont think, but I cant wait to hear what they have, PLEASE LET US KNOW!
  3. Im off friday!!
  4. I just found out I AM off this friday Too! but I was worried about it being crazy and I might wait....any options on that?
  5. Alright girls, whats the scoop? What do they have? I was too lazy to deal with all the traffic today :sad:
  6. Woah woah woah WAIT A MINUTE.... there is a Coach outlet opening in Pittsburgh, PA? Are you serious? Or am I being stupid and is there another Pittsburgh haha. I AM MOVING TO PITTSBURGH!!! AHHHHHH! Someone fill me in I am CLUELESS!!!
  7. It's my first reply and I would love to know as well.

    Tanger opened a new outlet mall today I believe. It is located in Washington PA and looks really nice from the news reports. It is probably 20 to 30 minutes from the city, south but I could be mistaken as I am North girl. There is also an outlet in Grove City which is only 50 minutes from Pittsburgh North.
  8. Oh man! My fiance lives (and I will be living) in the Forest Hills section of Pittsburgh... no idea how close that is to the new outlets I will have to figure it out! So excited!
  9. I'm actually here as we speak...lol. came after drs...they only let so many people in at a time. a lot of signature items. we got a parking spot right up front...wasnt busy at all when we went! but no jewelry or sunnies. limited keychains...elephant and picture frames dor $24. signature planners were $179 with 40 % off. pouches $99 ummmm totes 219 with 20 % off I believe...ummm...sh*t...i shoulda taken pics!!! but yea....it is HUGE! one of the SAs said in january they would get sunnies.
  10. So how is the traffic? That is the part that I was worried about :sad:
    Any cosmetic bags by chance? heritage stripe?
  11. Anyone remember the bags? I would feel terrible having my fiance drive me down there on Monday if I didn't like anything.
  12. no cosmetic bags, but I remember seeing cosmetic cases with the small sig c's. no hertitage stripe...traffic was fine, but we went at 3 on a friday...im sure it will be crazy on the weekend. when I get home I will post pics of the purses I saw. there were some I don't even remember seeing in the stores....ill be home in an hour and ill post drilldown pics of what I remember.
  13. they had a lot of these in pouches, wristlets, and I think flaps (but I dont think the zipper was pink):

    Lots of purses and scarves in this pattern:

    a lot of leather totes and hobos:

    TONS of Signature stripe totes...

    a lot of diaper bags...

    a couple messenger bags

    lots of mens wallets

    lots of pink/red suede patchwork pouches for $99...I cant find a pic!

    oh yea...lot of umbrellas for $39

    TONSSSSSSSS of wristlets

    Some signature swingpacks...

    Like I said, HUGE store...but nothing caught my eye!
  14. Im adoring that tattersall wool pouch.
  15. Silly question, but did they have the pet accessories there? And any floral stripe bags :smile: