Pittsburgh Black Friday Shopping

  1. Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone from Pittsburgh had any suggestions for a good shopping place on Black Friday. I moved here in August to go to law school and haven't had time to find anywhere really and my parents are coming up and we always go shopping on Friday. I live on Walnut St in Shadyside so I am familiar with the shopping there and have been down to the Waterfront but if anyone has any other suggestions it would be much appreciated!!! Thanks
  2. I would suggest Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, or the Mall at Robinson for "mall" shopping. The South Side works and the shops on Carson Street would be different than your average mall day.

    If your parents were up for a bit of a road trip, my best suggestion for you would be to make the hour trip up I-79 to the Outlets at Grove City. Get an early start, so that you get there before it gets too crowded. Lots of great shops, and great deals. There are a few restaurants up there too for your lunch break, as well as a food court for quick bites.

    Feel free to PM me if you need directions or anything!
  3. Out of the malls the other poster mentioned, I'd recommend either Mall at Robinson or Ross Park for the "mall" experience, as they're both larger than South Hills.

    If you were thinking of going to Grove City, be aware that they're opening at midnight again this year. Last year there was a 2 hr backup on I-79 but they swear they've got crowd/traffic control down this year.
  4. Definately agree with others about Ross Park and South Hills Village...Galleria would be nice too!
  5. Ditto on Ross Park or South Hills. There's also Century III Mall which is kind of in the same direction as South Hills. The only thing about South Hills that annoys me is that they have an overflow of those people at kiosks trying to sell you stuff.

    I live near Ross Park but won't be going there since I'm going home for the holiday. (planning on going to the Westmoreland Mall in Greensburg).

    ETA: I'm impressed there's so many yinzers in one thread! :yes:
  6. I forgot....Pittsburgh Mills. It's a little ways out of the city, but it's a new shopping complex. I don't get up there very often, as it's the complete opposite direction from where I live, but it's pretty nice.
  7. Oh, yes... Pittsburgh Mills. That's about an hour from me.

    The Good: H+M and a carpeted mall! Easier on feet!
    The Bad: Not as exciting and kind of far from downtown.

    Overall I'd have to recommend Ross Park though. It's central, it's big, and there's a lot outside of the mall as well.
  8. Looks like there's a lot of proud yinzers! :p
  9. Fun thread! I lived in Pgh for many years. J for Jean, burgh for Pittsburgh. Now in Seattle. I have to say the shopping is so much better out here, but there is a LOT I miss about the burgh.
  10. Go Steelers! Just chiming in as black friday already happened but I was excited to see other Pittsburgh Purse Formers!!