Pitting hardware.....

  1. I know we had a discussion long ago about this but I can't find it anywhere......my Rouge H Chamonix Kelly has a little pitting on the Palladium hardware.....now, I know this does happen from time to time but I can't remember WHY this happens. Anyone know?

    And also, do they just switch out the hardware at the spa or try to "repair" the existing hardware? I'm just wondering if I should take it in or just not bother.........
  2. First, they see if they can repair/spruce up the hw at the spa treatment. If not, the hw is then replaced. If they find it to be defective (as in defective H product) they will replace it free of charge. I had inquired about that S'Mom on one of my bags.

    At the very worse scenario...you would have to pay for the hw change out, but I really think they would do it. (it would be very hard for them to say it was your fault...especially if you speak with the SA and state that you feel it is defective and the repair states this etc.)

    It can be fixed.

    Can you post a pic of your hw? I am curious how bad yours is compared to mine.
  3. I have the same issue with the same bag. Am curious about the answers. I decided not to bother.... It's not that big a deal and virtually invisible. What year is yours? Mine is F I think but I would have to check.
  4. Can we try again to post all of our bags and the year of production in which this is happening? I want to see if there is a pattern.
  5. K....when you inquired did you ask them if they knew why it happens? Is it humidity?

    woopsie.......just read the thread you posted, K! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  6. Mine is "D", HELLO. It's really funny because its all around the little nail-heads on the front plate.
  7. They were vague. I actually asked two SA's. I received more info from one than the other.
    They said they see this from time to time and to be honest, they didn't seem like they wanted to commit to a reason. Maybe they were not wanting to let the info. out of the bag if they really knew. They just assured me that it can be fixed and went on with the..."if it is found to be defective etc. it would be replaced free of charge". lol (maybe to shut me up)
  8. mine was on the nail-heads and on the plates. One spot was pretty bad and the others were minor.
  9. Here's a pic, K........see it around the nail-heads? As long as they'll switch it out, I'm ok.....would LOVE to know exactly WHY this happens though....
  10. S'Mom, I had something similar happen on ruthenium hardware, and I brought it in. Two minutes later, I had my bag and I asked what was done to it, and she said she just used her polishing cloth to remove the tarnishing. The first time it happened though, they replaced the plates, so I'm not sure why one incident would merit replacement and the other polishing, but it can be fixed. If you're brave enough, try a jeweler's rouge cloth on a tiny part of the tarnishing to see if it works if you don't have time to send it in.
  11. S'Mom...my nail-heads looked just like yours...it looks like it is bleeding outward. Exact same thing.

    Now...the pitting on the hardware looked like actual pits/pit marks...not so much the bleeding like by the nail-heads in your pic.

    Orchids is right...they told me they would try their special cloth first and see if it can be removed etc. If not, then on to the next step to repair it.
  12. I'll post mine tomorrow (too tired now) but it's not like S'mom's. Mine is a itzy bitzy on the turnkey.
  13. S"mom, get hold of a rouge cloth. It works wonders on so many things! I think your damp climate is doing this. I have not had this problem with pall down here in Hellaska, where it is sooo much drier and warmer:smile:
  14. Ok.....I'll try the rouge cloth first......thank you, guys!