Pitt still shocked!!!!

  1. Last Friday, he said he was shocked at the devastation that remains almost a year later at New Orleans. He said that after two days of getting his first up-close look at post-Katrina New Orleans. He was in New Orleans to give an update on a project he's promoting: a competition to choose ecologically sound designs for rebuilding neighborhoods.

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    Source: celebritywonder.com
  2. I just watched his interview w/ Ann Curry on the Today Show. He's so HOT:love:

    I think his contest is amazing, could you imagine having a $10 electric bill, I'm in AZ, so we pay $300 month. Good for him, trying to do something worth while.
  3. Good for him! Angelina's influenced him well.
  4. Man....I'd let him build me a house made of trash...only if it meant meeting him!
  5. I think that's a great contest! I always thought, if they wanted to adopt another child, that he/she should be a Katrina orphan.
  6. angelina is a good influence. angelina jolie is my hero.
  7. I don't want to comment on AJ because I would probably upset people, but I think he is so gorgeous!! That is nice he is helping... that is the LEAST he can do with his bank account