Pitt family in Hello magazine!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. :drool: what an absolutely beautiful family! Shiloh is the cutest baby ever!
  3. What a gorgeous family..
  4. Shiloh looks like angelina:biggrin:she is so adorable:biggrin:
  5. WOWsers-great pics.:yes:
  6. Look at the lips on Shiloh! She's going to be a stunner like her mom. They are all so adorable!
  7. OMG Shiloh is gorgeous.
  8. OMG, the evil in me was hoping that Shiloh wouldn't be so beautiful. She looks exactly like Angie. All I can say is POOR poor Jen! lol
  9. I lovvveeee these photo's!!!! Seriously, best photo's ever!
  10. Good lord, shiloh is adorable!!! She will be a real beauty when she gets older...lucky her!!! :heart:
  11. Their children are so adorabe. Shiloh is beautiful...WOW!!!!
  12. Take that! For everyone who said she would be ugly....:noggin:
  13. wow cute photos. Shiloh is so pretty she looks like both her mom and dad.
  14. what lovely family photos...cute baby!
  15. beautiful family