pits in my platinum pendant?

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  1. okay, so i got a diamond Tiffany's necklace from my dad on monday to celebrate my 20th birthday. i had the best time picking out my present.

    i finally picked out the Elsa Pereti bean necklace with diamonds, but when i brought it home, i realise there are little pits in the top of the bean. :sad:

    i have already gone back to Tiffany and told them about the little holes and they have taken the necklace back to polish and i got it back today but i still see the little holes. im wondering if this is normal or should i get a refund?

    here is the picture of the bean


    i had the hardest time capturing the little pits and this is the best photo out of the lot, i hope you can see something.

  2. anyone at all?
  3. Pitting in platinum is rare, and it doesn't react the same as gold does to chemicals. However, it is much more prone to scratching than white gold is. The upside is platinum is -supposed- to be able to be polished smooth again, as metal is not displaced/lost when it is scratched.

    If you're not happy, I'd have them exchange it for you. Be sure to keep all documentation (receipt from sale, receipt/paperwork from repair).
  4. ^^I agree...pitting in plat is very rare but possible when the piece was originally cast - I would insist on an exchange at the very least though given it was purchased brand new from Tiffany.
  5. Pitting in platinum is the result of a poor cast. You can try to exchange it for a better cast. In a pendant it's not has big of a deal as it would be in a clasp, earring or ring. It can cast cracking and damage in things that are "used" more, if that makes sense. That's the problem I had with my rings from whiteflash. There were serious pitting issues, and eventually if not immediately, cracks and fissures spreading from them.
  6. AME is right. That's just a poor casting and should never have passed any quality control inspection. Tiffany should certainly give you a new one.
  7. i just called up Tiffany's and they said this is the last piece. :sad: is there anyway to smoothen out the pits?
  8. Did they say the last piece in their store or in the whole company? Because they should feel obligated to transfer one in for you, if there is another one anywhere worldwide. Talk to a manager. I wish you luck. It is a very nice pendent and I hope you get this resolved quickly so that you can wear and enjoy it soon!
  9. I would not settle for 'this is the last piece'......Elsa P. bean pendant is an iconic part of the collection, I have a hard time believing this is the 'last piece' in their entire store's inventory.....they should be working to make you happy not the either way around. Have them give you a new one somehow. Best of luck!
  10. Nope, they'll likely only get bigger as it's polished. They need to replace it.

    But since it's a pendant, it's not as big of a deal as a ring would be, so obviously since it bothers you have that replaced.

    Nor would I. They can find one, and they need to get off their asses and do so. This is one part of my problem with the company. They work in a customer service field, and there are far too many of their associates that need a refresher in that concept.
  11. This is the second time today that I have read about poor customer service at Tiffany. I wonder what is happening.
  12. I have never liked Tiffany. They sell overpriced junk. Sorry, I know so many of you love thier items, but I have never been happy with the quality or the service. Or the price for that matter.
  13. I am not a fan of theirs either. I have had consistent poor service there and I am not impressed with the quality of their items for the price. I am also someone who thinks their diamonds are quite hit or miss and are overhyped.

  14. wow, the pits gets bigger?? im not sure if you can see the pits, but its not very big. and rather shallow. will this also happen?
  15. As you polish them/over time, they can form fissures/cracks, or grow. Typically when Plat is polished, the metal moves around, but the movement can allow the pits to move/spread around, and the more you polish them the more likely they are to grow, spread.

    You don't HAVE to polish it and in theory they won't spread, but over time if it bangs around a lot or you wear it near another pendant and they rub, they WILL get bigger and spread, and possibly form little cracks around them.

    You need to decide if you can deal with the little pits (formed by bubbles in the cast and it affects the structure and strength of the piece) or if you are going to make them do their jobs and make you happy by finding you a new one. The replacement could also have small pits as well.