Pitch of the Lady Grants vs. The Wallis

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  1. I've been wanting the Wallis 100 (no platform), but it dawned on me that my Lady Grants were 100 as well, but I couldn't walk in them so I sold them. Anyone know if the Lady Grant pitch is steeper than the Wallis? From looking at pictures I think the Wallis' is more gradual, but can anyone confirm for me?
  2. If you can do Simples, you can do the Wallis. They're the same shoe with the exception of the MJ strap of the Wallis.
  3. I've only done Simple 85s, but I have the Miss Boxe 100 and their toe box is the same as the simple, aside from the wedge, are the Miss Boxe 100 and Simple 100/Wallis 100 the same?!
  4. I have all three in the 100mm and they are all the same. :yes:
  5. Thanks so much Lav!
  6. You're welcome!
  7. but just remember that wedges are generally easier to walk in than heels because they have more foot support!
  8. If it helps at all I owned Lady Grants and had to let them go b/c I found the pitch excrutiating, but I can handle Simple 100s much better. (Though they are not stand for a long time shoes for me - even the Miss Boxe hurts the balls of my feet after a while, but nowhere near the LG).

  9. Heed the sound words of the wedgie queen! :queen: