Pita buyer and leather dispute

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  1. I just sold my Mulberry choc ledbury on Ebay, when i had it authenticated and also when i mentioned it on PF everyone agreed it was Darwin. It smells really strongly of leather and it is thick . Now the buyer is complaining that it is flimsy and light, no way is that true and that is must be NVT. This is an old Ledbury i bought and i think they said it was from 2008 or so. What shall i do. Here is the link

    I have just spoken to JAzzy the Mulberry authenticator who says as the Mulberry name tag stitched in is rectangular it is Darwin. I quoted it back to her not mentioning Jazzy and she said she is a member of Purse forum and she quoted Jazzy coincidently as saying the label thing is not true.
    I assume this is buyers remorse. However how would Ebay deal with a leather type dispute !!!!! I am reluctant to refund her £250 as I am not a store just selling my own collection to fund a new purchase.

  2. it possibly could be buyers remorse and your buyer may file a
    claim with ebay.. can you get Jazzy to write a letter for you?