pistachio twins separated

  1. i just wanna post pic of this pistachio twins. the twiggy will soon be parted with city and join her new foster parent in aussie. :crybaby:
  2. awwww....
    man, that city is lovely.
  3. aaawww! sorry to hear the sad news! those bags are so gorgeous! ;)
  4. Awww...you did the right, thing! I'm sure she'll be happy in her new home down under and now you can devote more attention to your lovely City!:yes:
  5. WOW seahorse...... such an AMAZING color .... the city is just TDF :tender:
  6. yeah, i know i made the right decision, i musn't be greedy where some girls here drooling over that too. it's more appreciated in anna's hands :crybaby:
  7. awwww.... they're both so beautiful...
  8. GORGEOUS!!! Don't be sad at all- you still have one!!!:love:
  9. thanks ladies :P
  10. they're both so beautiful!! i am sure twiggy will be loved in her new home!
  11. ;) hey, Seahorse, don't worry. Keeping the City is already exceptional. Do you know how many of us would kill to own 50% of what's on this picture???

    Dry your smiley's tears. And congrats for making somebody else happy. She'll take good care of it, i am sure.
  12. That is a gorgeous color. I see why it is hard to part with it.
  13. :P
  14. :wtf: Gorgeous!:girlsigh:
  15. you made the right choice! the city is gorgeous... love it well! :yahoo: