Pistachio twiggy! starting at $699

  1. OMG .... another GORGEOUS bbag :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !!! Thanks for sharing and good luck to everyone :flowers: :love:
  2. Good Luck to all of you pistachio fans!!!!!
  3. wow, I wish I could sell a bag so I could get it
  4. Who got it?
  5. OMG I'm so sad!!!! I emailed the seller asking if she was entertaining best offers. She emailed me back a half hour later saying she was going to add the BO option. I immediately clicked through and the bag was already gone!!! I guess someone made an offer sometime during those few minutes and she accepted it! BOOHOOOOOOO!!!!
  6. Someone explain to me how that happens that she ended the listing early. It says she ended it early because of an error in the minimum bid or reserve amount. If someone bought it, is the transaction through ebay?

    Whoops, never mind...
  7. If she ended the listing and someone buys it privately then it is not done through ebay.
  8. Thanks!!!!
  9. it's totally gone, that was an insanely good buy too!
  10. OMG!!!!!!!! I was too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who got it?! hopefully it's one of us
  11. I know, I was too late too. I guess that's what I get for leaving my computer to take a shower!
  12. omg........... omg..........
  13. gah!