pistachio twiggy on ebay

  1. Percaphonie was so sweet to PM me this. I am so torn between going after this or buying Ranskimmie's Indigo Twiggy. Ahhhh! Love them both!!!:love:
  2. ooh, they are both LOVELY! good luck with your decision
  3. Oh wow, this is one yummy green!
  4. *foams at the mouth* oh my... that's a bag that really can break a girl's resolution!
  5. LOL good luck girls! I hope the price doesn't go way high now...
  6. YUMMY pistachio!!! :love: Good luck, Becca!
  7. Is the seller from here?
  8. Yeh I think so!
  9. i think the seller is from here, so bid with confidence!!!

    murasaki "foam at the mouth".....HAHAHAHHA
  10. yes it's one of my dream bags...looooooove.
  11. OMG!!! Pistachio!!! It's gorgeous!:love: (did anyone see the awful Ebay scammer that stole her pics--kookoa something or another from China--another new identity from that same awful 1 day pic stealing scammer)

    Is the 2nd one Navy or Cornflower blue? It has a Y on the metal tag, so it's Cornflower, right?
  12. ooh, not sure pupsterpurse...i just went by the description saying it's navy, so it could be wrong. sometime's its hard to tell by the picture.

    good luck everyone who's planning on bidding for the pistachio! i'm out, no money! haha
  13. yap thats a cornflower not a navy guys
  14. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the same "seahorse.." here. She just got another gorgeous Pistachio City from her friend so that might be why she is listing that beautiful Twiggy.