Pistachio Twiggy $1 start

  1. I think she knew didn't have a lot of info on the bag and really just wants to get rid of it. It looks like she worked that bag over. It's still nice, but that's a well used bag.
  2. hmm I agree with elongreach! its a pretty used bag.. but still very cute!
  3. Finally I can say "I'd buy that for a dollar!"
  4. I'm curious how high this will go. I love the pic where it looks pea green but I know it's not that dark IRL. I want a pea green bbag!
  5. yeah i would buy it for a dollar too!
  6. Do you all think this is worth the money? I did put a bid on it already.

  7. I won this bag. It doesn't bother me that it is worn well. The lady was super nice. I asked her about how to get replacement tassles for it and she offered to go get them after she got off work today (no extra charge to me).

    I am impressed. Anyway I can't wait to see the bag. My question is, what type of things can you do to it with that color to make it look better?

  8. both looks very nice, personalshoppers is a good seller don't worry, congrats you got a very good deal!!!