1. [​IMG]

    I recently discovered my great love and obsession with the rare color pistachio :heart::drool::nuts:
    So this is gonna be my new HG bbag - either in the city or first style!
    My question to all you lovely ladies here is to help me find more pics from any source, to drool over of those deliciously light green colored bags :woohoo:

    Or if you are the lucky owner of one of those help me please with modeling pics or close up pics of your pistachio bbag to endure the time till I find one for myself (I know this is gonna be hard since they are so ultra rare :sweatdrop: )
  2. pistachio is on my want list as well! I don't own one, but i'll be popping in this thread later to drool over the pictures of the few and lucky owners of this fabulous color!

    by the way, your picture didn't load for me, might be a dead link.
  3. I changed the link to the pic hope it works now :smile:
    thanks for telling me hellosunshine!
  4. That's my baby! Here are more pics!!!! I love to show her off!

    The color is soo hard to capture in pictures!
    pistachio 3 001.JPG Pistachio 001.JPG Pistachio Part 2 001.JPG Pistachio Part 2 003.JPG Pistachio 002.JPG
  5. I will post a few that I already have, so that the drooling can begin :drool: ;)






  6. aaaah willowsmom thanks for posting :heart:
    I absolutley LOVE your pistachio first!
    She is one of the bags that inspired me to get one too! :tup::yes:
  7. Thank you so much pinkisweets! I can't wait until we're bag twins!
  8. Ummmmmmmm, I love this colour too, although I can't be of help.
    Browse through some of the Celebs w/bbags, MKO def.has one (although it's all funky now).
    I'd love a P.city as well. GL w/ur search!!!
  9. thanks bobojue, I hope I will find one soon :yes:

    I searched of course on this forum for the color pistachio, but maybe I missed some good pics - so please keep on posting ladies :heart:
  10. willowsmom yes that would be too cool if we could be pistachio-bbag-twins :tup::p

    if you find the time pleeease post some new pics of your beauty, I would love especially some modeling pics or more closeups of the gorgeous color and leather!
    lol I am an addict, can't get enough!! ;)
  11. I will try to take some new pics tomorrow.

    But for right now, as far as modeling pics, here's a couple. I'm about 12 weeks post-partum, so I'm a little "softer" than normal, so only look at the bag!

    And this works out perfectly b/c I'm an addict too!
    Pistachio 007.JPG Pistachio 008.JPG Pistachio 006.JPG
  12. Wow.

    That is truly a treasure!!! Isn't the leather TDF!!!!

    Congrats, you wear her beautifully :heart:
  13. wowza!
  14. I have two pistachios:

    Here is my twiggy - I can't seem to find an "alone" photo of her right now, and she is posing in this photo with her sisters:


    And my pistachio city, again not an "alone" photo, but here she is anyway:


    I love my pistachio city and twiggy - they are both so beautiful!

    Good luck on your hunt! They do show up on eBay, so just keep checking.
  15. These aren't very good pictures, but they were on my computer: my former first and my clutch.